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Medical News You Can Use


Published 2-7-09 Dear Readers, The last few months of medical news has provided some outstanding studies. Read on for some interesting odds and ends that may impact your health. Suzy Is Vicks VapoRub really dangerous

Don’t Flake Out About Dandruff


Published 1-24-09 Dear Pharmacist, I’ve had dandruff for years and it’s so embarrassing. I’ve tried everything, but I think you’re smart so I want your advice. Can you help me? I’m fed up to my

Migraine Makers


Dear Pharmacist, I suffer with migraines and have to take Maxalt 2 or 3 times a month. My girlfriend says that certain foods trigger these for her, like parmesan cheese and red wine but I

Lice Can Be Tough Customers


Lice Can Be Tough Customers Dear Pharmacist, A friend of mine has had very resistant head lice for over a year.  She’s tried every conventional treatment sold over the counter, some homemade remedies, and even

The Woman Puzzle… Solved! : )


Ok, I am 46 years old, and have finally figured out my wife, for that matter, maybe all women. My wife, Suzy has always rationalized buying more new clothes by telling me that she has

Lectures To Our Children


  by Sam Cohen DC The other day I was giving "unsolicited" for advice to my 16 year old girl. I originally started offering my advice to her when she about 2. That's right, 2

Refrain from Blame in Travolta Death


Published 1-10-09 Dear Pharmacist, I read about the tragic death of John Travolta’s son, Jett. It feels senseless to me and other members of my church. I think that it was his Scientology religion that