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Natural Ways to Reduce Risk of Cancer


Published 2-21-09 Dear Pharmacist, I am very afraid of getting cancer because it runs in my family. The stress makes me vigilant about eating right: I’m a vegan and I take medicinal mushrooms and vitamin

Should You Take That Multivitamin?


Published 2-14-09 Dear Pharmacist, The television news said that taking multivitamins will not help me prevent cancer or heart disease. I take several supplements. Have I been wasting my money for years? — W.M. Springfield,

Medical News You Can Use


Published 2-7-09 Dear Readers, The last few months of medical news has provided some outstanding studies. Read on for some interesting odds and ends that may impact your health. Suzy Is Vicks VapoRub really dangerous

Don’t Flake Out About Dandruff


Published 1-24-09 Dear Pharmacist, I’ve had dandruff for years and it’s so embarrassing. I’ve tried everything, but I think you’re smart so I want your advice. Can you help me? I’m fed up to my