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Don’t Let PMS Sink Your Marriage

QUESTION: My marriage is on the rocks. Recently, my husband told me, “If you don’t do something for your PMS, I’m packing my stuff and leaving!” I honestly want to get well, and I’ve tried birth control pills, Midol, countless tranquilizers and antidepressants. I feel doped and still cry a lot and feel moody. Can […]

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7 Sensible Steps to Safety

Published July 2007 My pill was smaller this month than it normally is. When I called my pharmacy, they said they gave me a lower dosage of the same drug by accident. Suzy, I think you should tell readers how to cut down on medication errors. D.W., Coconut Creek, Fla. A: You’re fortunate that your […]

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It’s Not “Anti-Drug” to Advocate Consumer Caution About Medications

Dear Pharmacist, While I enjoy your columns and the wealth of information you give the public, I detect a bit of an anti-drug attitude. I find that ironic, since it is drugs that support your business of pharmacy. As a retired physician, I know we need our medications and I don’t understand why a pharmacist […]

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