What If No One Can See Your Pain?

From time to time, when yet another celebrity dies tragically from an overdose of painkillers, people ask me if I think prescription painkillers should be banned.  The answer is no, and today I'll tell you

Post Hysterectomy Stupidity

For years, doctors have prescribed unopposed estrogen (estrogen without progesterone) to women who've had hysterectomies.  The thought process has always been, why give progesterone to patient who no longer has a uterus?   Many practitioners still


All of the following medications are gluten free unless otherwise noted   Certain name brands, including physician-formulated brands, work extremely hard to keep their products free of common allergens, including gluten. I can't vouch for

Sweet Relief for Coughing Children

Dear Pharmacist, My 5-year-old daughter has developed a persistent cough. Can you recommend something to help? --L.E.,  Seattle, Washington Answer: Please make every effort to find out what’s causing that cough and see your pediatrician.

New Drugs for 2012

Dear Readers, Here are some interesting FDA-approved items for 2012 in the United States. My column is printed in various languages so I apologize that I’ve only listed English brand names, please ask your local