Sweet Relief for Coughing Children


Dear Pharmacist, My 5-year-old daughter has developed a persistent cough. Can you recommend something to help? --L.E.,  Seattle, Washington Answer: Please make every effort to find out what’s causing that cough and see your pediatrician.

New Drugs for 2012


Dear Readers, Here are some interesting FDA-approved items for 2012 in the United States. My column is printed in various languages so I apologize that I’ve only listed English brand names, please ask your local

Ways to Avoid the Flu


What are some suggestions to avoid catching cold this season? --R. P. Albany, New York Answer: The common cold has been around for eon, even though it has morphed a bazillion times. It’s brilliant at

Shocking Cholesterol News


Dear Pharmacist, I saw Dr. Oz interview a doctor on television about cholesterol. The guest said your total cholesterol doesn’t matter and I read that in your book 6 years ago. Suzy, I take a

What Works for Weight Loss


Dear Pharmacist, What are some natural dietary supplements that can help me lose weight, or at least manage it during the holidays? –C.A., Gainesville, Florida Answer: When it comes to weight management, nothing works better

Strange Causes for Seizure Disorders


Dear ReadersThis is the EXTENDED more comprehensive version of the article that printed in your local paper:    Dear Pharmacist,  My brother suddenly developed seizures, at the age of 26, never having a history. I’ve searched

The Benefits of Vitamin A


  A friend of mine suggested that I get more vitamin A to help my immune system.  I’ve always heard that vitamin D is better. Do you think that’s a good idea? --P.K., Rockwall, Texas