Strontium May Strengthen Your Bones


Published March 29, 2008 Strontium May Strengthen Your Bones Dear pharmacist, I have osteoporosis, and my new doctor – who is very holistic- told me to stop taking my Fosamax medication and put me on

Use Caution When Stopping Meds


Published March 22, 2008 Dear Pharmacist, I had a staph infection and was in the hospital. Upon release, I was prescribed an antibiotic and then another. My pharmacist warned me not to stop taking the

Spicing Things Up Can Improve Your Health


Published March 1, 2008 Spicing Things Up Can Improve Your Health Dear Pharmacist, I came to a local talk you gave in my city and was impressed with your vast knowledge of nutrition. You mentioned

Stop Blowing Smoke


Published February 2008 Dear Pharmacist, I've been a smoker for 37 years, since the age of 17.  My fianceé says she won't marry me until I stop smoking.  She mentioned Chantix, a new drug her

Losing It! Ways to Overcome Cravings


Published 1-3-08 Dear Pharmacist, Since my son left for college, I have developed the most insatiable cravings for sweets. It’s so bad that I have to eat candy bars every day and I’ve put on

Protecting Your Private Parts from Cancer


Published September 2007 Dear Pharmacist, I used to take Prempro, but shortly after that scary study years ago my doctor stopped all my hormones. He said it could in-crease my risk for breast cancer or

Don’t Let PMS Sink Your Marriage


QUESTION: My marriage is on the rocks. Recently, my husband told me, "If you don't do something for your PMS, I'm packing my stuff and leaving!" I honestly want to get well, and I've tried

7 Sensible Steps to Safety


Published July 2007 My pill was smaller this month than it normally is. When I called my pharmacy, they said they gave me a lower dosage of the same drug by accident. Suzy, I think