Spicing Things Up Can Improve Your Health


Published March 1, 2008 Spicing Things Up Can Improve Your Health Dear Pharmacist, I came to a local talk you gave in my city and was impressed with your vast knowledge of nutrition. You mentioned

Stop Blowing Smoke


Published February 2008 Dear Pharmacist, I've been a smoker for 37 years, since the age of 17.  My fianceé says she won't marry me until I stop smoking.  She mentioned Chantix, a new drug her

Losing It! Ways to Overcome Cravings


Published 1-3-08 Dear Pharmacist, Since my son left for college, I have developed the most insatiable cravings for sweets. It’s so bad that I have to eat candy bars every day and I’ve put on

Protecting Your Private Parts from Cancer


Published September 2007 Dear Pharmacist, I used to take Prempro, but shortly after that scary study years ago my doctor stopped all my hormones. He said it could in-crease my risk for breast cancer or

Don’t Let PMS Sink Your Marriage


QUESTION: My marriage is on the rocks. Recently, my husband told me, "If you don't do something for your PMS, I'm packing my stuff and leaving!" I honestly want to get well, and I've tried

7 Sensible Steps to Safety


Published July 2007 My pill was smaller this month than it normally is. When I called my pharmacy, they said they gave me a lower dosage of the same drug by accident. Suzy, I think