How Probiotics Improve Bone Strength


 Did you hear the report a few weeks ago on Good Morning America or Fox News? The British Medical Journal (BMJ) announced the results of a major study making headline news. The headline news was “Dietary calcium

Vitamin D Testing Should Be More Thorough


Vitamin D is good for more than preventing Rickets. It helps offset the lack of sunshine during the winter, cold months when depression or melancholy sets in,  and immune cells get sluggish. When physicians talk about

Calcium Supplements for Bone Strength


Dear Pharmacist, I’m concerned about my bone density because I was told I have osteopenia. Are all calcium supplements the same? Do you have other recommendations?  --A.F., New York Answer: Osteopenia, or lower-than-normal bone density,

Strontium: A Better Way to Build Bones


Dear Pharmacist, My wife has osteoporosis in his back pretty badly. I read your article a few years ago, about strontium being a good mineral for bone health. Do you still recommend today? --C.C., Sacramento

A Pill for Every Ill? Not So Fast!


Dear Pharmacist, I read you in my local newspaper and find your columns very interesting and refreshing in a sea of misinformation about drugs and supplements.  I know you are a pharmacist, but sometimes I