Medicine Messes Up Your Methylation


You’re methylating right now! This means you’re turning folate (vitamin B9) from your food, into something else called SAMe. It’s the process called “methylation” and SAMe is your body’s head honcho, the CEO if you

A Laxative that Works at Both Ends


Dear Pharmacist, I heard you recommend a drug called Lactulose as a laxative but you said it helped with brain fog too. How can it work at both ends? --J.C., Decatur, Illinois Answer: It’s true,

Does Deer Antler Velvet Really Work?


Dear Pharmacist, My hero is Ray Lewis of the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens, and I heard he took Deer Antler Velvet to recover from his muscle injuries faster. Do you recommend this?  --D.D., Baltimore,

Fiber is Fabulous For You


  Dear Pharmacist, My doctor asked me to get more fiber in my diet. What are some health benefits and what are good ways to incorporate it into my daily life? I’ve always been a

The Big List Of Drugs That Mug CoQ-10


The Big List of Drugs that Mug CoQ10 I’ve referenced this ‘Big List’ in a syndicated column, and also in my newest book, “Diabetes Without Drugs.” The most commonly recognized supplemental form of CoQ10 has

Lectures To Our Children


  by Sam Cohen DC The other day I was giving "unsolicited" for advice to my 16 year old girl. I originally started offering my advice to her when she about 2. That's right, 2