I Got Into a Fight With a Doctor


Doctors are my friends, so I was dismayed to lose my cool with a physician recently. My husband Sam (who has Lyme disease from a tick bite years ago) developed symptoms that might get diagnosed

Nobody Likes Me


I was slurping Pho at lunch, and blurted to Sam that nobody likes me. He said “Why, you have faithful readers, constant letters expressing gratitude, your books are sold world-wide, your family loves you, even

Second Annual Dumb, Dumber and Dumberest Awards


Dear Readers, After I presented last year’s dumbest healthcare ‘awards,” I received your emails and chuckles for months afterwards.  Sometimes, ridiculous things happen in the medical industry, so at this time, I’d like to present

The Woman Puzzle… Solved! : )


Ok, I am 46 years old, and have finally figured out my wife, for that matter, maybe all women. My wife, Suzy has always rationalized buying more new clothes by telling me that she has