6 Lessons Learned from Old People


I used to work in nursing homes where mostly 'old people' live, or those who are very sick or terminal. I had a special practitioner license in addition to my regular one, and in Florida,

Coptis May Help MARCoNS, Hashi and Diabetes


Sometimes I come across the weirdest things that are amazingly helpful, like Coptis chinensis.  This herb is used frequently in Chinese medicine (Huang Lian), especially to treat diabetes.  One constituent was shown in 2016 in

Natural Alternatives to Antibiotics


Some of you take several antibiotics each and every day while some of you avoid them like the plague.  The pros of a traditional antibiotic is that you can keep your infection from achieving full-blown

Help for Chronic Sinus Problems


As spring rolls around, allergies and hay fever cause problems, and so do lingering strains of colds and flu. Maybe you are one of the 40 million people in North America who are experiencing uncomfortable