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Weight Gain and Unsuspected Gluten Sensitivity-Guest Columnist Dr. David Klein

Weight Gain and Unsuspected Gluten Sensitivity, Sub-Clinical Gluten Enteropathy The ‘Classical Presentation’ is the Exception, not the Rule by David S. Klein, M.D. FACA, FACPM Introduction: Obesity is now endemic.  More than a national disgrace, the fattening of America may well be one of our greatest threats to our national security. In North America, the […]

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Bagel Moments ( A Love Story ) by Dr. Sam Cohen

  My teenage daughter observes older couples occasionally while we are eating out, and remarks on how cute they are together.  Usually they are in their 70’s and having a nice peaceful meal, quietly engaging in conversation. She refers to these moments as “bagel moments.”  I like that.  From her perspective, she see “old people” […]

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Lectures To Our Children

  by Sam Cohen DC The other day I was giving “unsolicited” for advice to my 16 year old girl. I originally started offering my advice to her when she about 2. That’s right, 2 years old. You want to know what it consisted of at that time? “Rachel, there is a law in this […]

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