14 Essential Oils for a Healthy Thyroid


Many of you are taking thyroid supplements or medications already, but you might consider adding one more thing into your thyroid health regimen.  Simple is best, and there's nothing more simple or pure that I can think

Rules for Using Essential Oils


IT STARTS TODAY A free online event, you just need your computer or device to listen so please go sign up for the biggest summit of 2015 on essential oils: CLICK HERE. No joke, I probably

Natural Cures for Holiday Headaches


Dear Pharmacist I’m prone to tension headaches, but during the holidays, they’re constant. I take ibuprofen and sometimes hydrocodone. Can you help me? --J.R., San Jose, California Answer: Tension headaches are the most common type

Sex Headaches-Oh Yes! Oh Yes! OH NO!


Dear Pharmacist, I get headaches during sex. It’s not all the time, but I’m worried. It takes the fun out of it. My doctor said don’t worry. But I do.  --E.L., Dunnellon, Florida Answer:  Orgasmic