Benzodiazepine Dangers and Lies


You know how you can warn a kid not to touch a hot stove, but he’ll do it because he has to learn “hot” for himself?   It’s the same with some medications. Despite numerous warnings

5 Minute Health Hacks


Pimple- Put a dab of essential oil of tea tree on it.  Or put a dab of bentonite clay on it (mixed with water) you want a clay paste. You can do both back to

Coptis May Help MARCoNS, Hashi and Diabetes


Sometimes I come across the weirdest things that are amazingly helpful, like Coptis chinensis.  This herb is used frequently in Chinese medicine (Huang Lian), especially to treat diabetes.  One constituent was shown in 2016 in

Rules for Using Essential Oils


IT STARTS TODAY A free online event, you just need your computer or device to listen so please go sign up for the biggest summit of 2015 on essential oils: CLICK HERE. No joke, I probably

These Herbs Work Like Medicine


Dear Pharmacist, What are popular medications, and their natural counterparts? --A.T., Dallas, Texas Answer: This is a great question, and there’s a lot of different things that come to mind. For example, when I think

The Insomniac’s Dream Come True


Dear Pharmacist, I have trouble with prescribed sleeping pills, they make me do crazy things like sleep walk, eat and wake up family members in the middle of the night “just to chat.” What are