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Benzodiazepine Dangers and Lies

You know how you can warn a kid not to touch a hot stove, but he’ll do it because he has to learn “hot” for himself?   It’s the same with some medications. Despite numerous warnings about the risks associated with certain long-term prescription drug use, people still use them for months and even years! The […]

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Pharmacists Don’t Just Lick, Stick and Pour

When I worked in retail pharmacies, one of the most common questions I had was, “What side effects will this drug cause?”   Another popular question was “How long will it take for this pill to work?” I remember some of my favorite customers, especially the funny ones or those who gifted me with flowers, hand-made […]

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New Drugs 2016 Help Epilepsy, Dry Eyes and Hallucinations

Dear Readers, What an incredible year for the pharmaceutical industry. In 2016, many new and useful medications received FDA approval. My articles are syndicated worldwide, but I’m only listing English drug names so please ask your local pharmacist to translate the medication name as it is known in your country. Happy New Year everyone! Love, […]

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Health Problems That Clinton and Trump Might Expect

I’m interested in politics so when I got hold of the presidential candidates medication list, I naturally scrutinized it. I am really interested to see what our nominees are taking because it gives me a glimpse into their overall health. Because I study drug nutrient depletion, I know what nutrients are lost when you take […]

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Antibiotics Cause Diabetes, Stomach Problems and Asthma

I know antibiotics have the ability to save your life, and I’m 100% for that indication. Today’s article is not about life-threatening infections, it’s about irrational, unfounded use in millions of people and the reason is that it can cause massive health catastropheies that last the rest of your life, asthma, and diabetes for example. […]

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Are You Taking a Medication that Causes Anxiety?

You wake up at 4 am feeling tired, but wired and you keep twirling some person or event in your head, never going back to sleep. 

 Something bad is going to happen today and you just know it! 

One minute you feel like crying, the next minute you want to scream… over pretty much […]

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It’s Another Attack on Herbs and It Makes Me Mad

I was aghast after reading the Consumer Reports post which just revealed 15 herbs which they feel are dangerous for you.  Their headline reads “15 Supplement Ingredients to Always Avoid” and goes on to say “These supplement ingredients can cause organ damage, cardiac arrest, and cancer.” 

Man, that just scares the bejeebers out of you, […]

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How Statins Cause Diabetes

IMPORTANT:  FYI- If you are looking for loads of information on diabetes and how to feel better, check out The Diabetes World Summit 2016. I am one of the Presenters so when you sign up to hear the speakers discussing everything about this condition, you will get my interview instantly.  CLICK HERE to sign up. When […]

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What To Do for Dry Eyes & Blurry Vision

Gritty, scratchy, irritated, burning eyes, excess watering and/or blurred vision are all symptoms of dry eyes. Today I’m outlining some causes (including some weird causes) as well as simple, affordable solutions. Blinking your eyes allows a complex mixture of oil, water, and mucous (kind of like tears) to bathe the surface of your eye. These […]

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Why Some “Gold Standard” Medications Scare Me

Dear Pharmacist, I just became a pharmacist and started reading your syndicated column. Your emphasis is usually centered around the benefits of vitamins, minerals or alternative treatments, as compared to prescription medications. Why don’t you recommend more of our gold standard pharmaceuticals which are FDA approved, unlike nutritional supplements? –JK, Gainesville, Florida   Click to […]

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