What If No One Can See Your Pain?


From time to time, when yet another celebrity dies tragically from an overdose of painkillers, people ask me if I think prescription painkillers should be banned.  The answer is no, and today I'll tell you

Natural Cures for Holiday Headaches


Dear Pharmacist I’m prone to tension headaches, but during the holidays, they’re constant. I take ibuprofen and sometimes hydrocodone. Can you help me? --J.R., San Jose, California Answer: Tension headaches are the most common type

Anti-Drinking Medications for Alcoholics


Dear Pharmacist, My 34-year-old son is an alcoholic and has been in rehab for five months, court-ordered. After being out for only two weeks, he had a relapse and then went to detox. Now, he

Use Caution When Stopping Meds


Dear Pharmacist, I had a staph infection and was in the hospital. Upon release, I was prescribed an antibiotic and then another. My pharmacist warned me not to stop taking the drug, but it made