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When it comes to the uncensored truth about pharmaceuticals, it’s hard to find a more credible source than Suzy Cohen. She can tell you what to use instead of medications wherever possible.

—Health Ranger Mike Adams Founder of


You’ve got a lot of wonderful advice on very practical things people can do.

—Dr. Mehmet Oz


My favorite pharmacist has created a wonderful resource to help you eliminate your headaches and improve your health.

—Dr. Joseph Mercola, Founder of, the world’s most visited natural health website


A triple threat: Pharmacist, Functional Medicine practitioner and funny, this girl’s going to blow your mind with information you should have been told years ago.

—Dr. Ben Lynch, Renowned expert of MTHFR, Nutrigenomics and Methylation. Founder of


I highly recommend Thyroid Healthy for all patients and doctors to learn more about thyroid disorders. This book is a great addition to everyone’s library and will help you overcome many different health concerns.

—David Brownstein, MD, Board-Certified family physician, international lecturer and founder of


Suzy Cohen is a lifesaver to so many. Without her valuable cutting-edge information I’m not sure where I’d be sometimes!

—Erin Elizabeth, Founder

Suzy Cohen is mad smart and I recommend her books for anyone interested in feeling better and living a healthier life.

—Sean Croxton, Founder of and author of The Dark Side of Fat Loss

Suzy Cohen is an incredible lady and is dedicated to improving the quality of life of her readers!

—Douglas C. Hall, M.D.

A Hometown Hero, Suzy Cohen R.Ph has done what few others do–move outside the traditional parameters of their profession.  She has enlightened Americans about the side effects of drugs and encouraged many to consider further testing for nutritional deficiencies.  Suzy Cohen is a forward thinker.

—Kelly Jadon, author, syndicated columnist of Hometown Heroes (Click here to read the full interview)

It is rare to see a professional as committed to life-long learning and investigating natural treatments for chronic illness as Suzy Cohen!  Loved by her colleagues and readers alike, she is a true force of change in today’s healthcare system!

—Jill Carnahan, MD, Flatiron Functional Medicine

I ordered your book Diabetes without drugs about 6 months ago. It has changed my life, my sister’s life and the lives of two other close friends I referred to the book. Thank you for your belief in what you do and for the lives you are saving. I am so thankful to have found you!

—Kerry R.

One of the smartest, most enthusiastic, and entertaining practitioners I know!

—Jason Blalack, LAc, Good Earth Acupuncture

My favorite pharmacist has created a wonderful resource to help you eliminate your headaches and improve your health.

—Dr. Joseph Mercola, Founder of, the world’s most visited natural health website

This is clearly the most comprehensive resource available for those suffering from headaches.

—David Perlmutter, MD Author of Grain Brain


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Your book on reversing diabetes has done wonders for me. You have given me hope and your suggestions really work. It’s really turned things around for me


Thanks for reversing my diabetes and saving my life.  Diabetes without Drugs was a major impact on my life.

—Robert Dant

You have so much relevant information that you share on so many health issues, it’s exciting.
—Ellen Marie

The good looks and the good form that you have at your age. I think I will purchase your latest book myself.

—Erminio Caligiuro

I am a pharmacist licensed in FLA since 1956. My wife and I read your newspaper column religiously. It is well researched, well presented and well written for the average layman. You are doing a great job just keep up the good work.

—Ed Ellis

At last, someone who thinks like me – but writes great articles, having actually done the due diligence. You just got added to my list of Health Heroes.

—Ian Huggins

I have never been happier than today. I have always fought high levels of cholesterol (270) refused the meds.3 months ago I started taking Astaxanthin 12 mg. My cholesterol went to 241. Thank you Suzy.

—Verena Ierardi

You are doing a wonderful job in educating those who want to learn about healthy living.

—Randy Stav

first and foremost I commend you for what you stand for and thank you for enlightening my path.

—Reza Samiy

I just want to show my appreciation for you and the time that you allocated to sending out your newsletters to your subscribers.  I have to tell you that I have very much benefitted from your advice.  As I am not one for popping the nearest pill for an ailment, whenever I am anxious, out of sorts and in pain, I look to your websites and your past e-mails that I save in a folder. There is always something for me there and, I must say, did the trick.

—Ann Ruttan

Your article on nutrients and their impact on the heart and those with arrhythmias is the most complete and through commentary I’ve ever read. Really great directional information.

—Jerry Newman

I enjoy all your comments and healthy lifestyle tips.

—Rayetta Sorge

I enjoy all your comments and healthy lifestyle tips.
—Rayetta Sorge

The information you give us freely is worth its weight in gold! I couldn’t appreciate you more, or is it I could appreciate you more. LOL

—Debby Stoner

Lovely lady with a heart of gold!

—Debra Cummings


You really are a nerd! Lol! But a beautiful nerd at that!

—Lenny Szubinski

Excellent research. I recommend Suzy Cohen’s book Headache Free and her book, Thyroid Healthy to all who have both headaches and thyroid problems. She covers all the possibilities for both problems which educates the reader thoroughly.

—Emily King

Dear Suzy, Thank you for your perfect articles and books, I follow all of them and try to implement them in my life.

—Iman Mi

I learned even more from Suzy’s post than any doctor has explained! Such important information! Thank you so much!

—Donna Thomas

I love it because it simplifies the issue caused by my thyroid problem and has given me straightforward advice for self help and talking to medical professionals. Big RECOMMEND from me 🙂

—Sue Shipley

Hi Suzy! I follow you on ‘Twitter’ and just wanted to give you a “shout out” that I enjoy your articles and try to “retweet” whenever possible.   I am reading “Drug Muggers” and love it very much!

—Peter S.

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