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Summits and Presentations

6 Essential Steps to Feeling Thyroid Healthy

Hosted by Suzy Cohen, RPH

This hour-long audio and slide show presentation by Suzy Cohen covers testing, herbal treatment and explains why your medication may not be helping you.

6 Essential Steps to Feeling Thyroid Healthy

The Gluten Summit

Hosted by Dr. Tom O’Bryan

Gain lifetime access and learn from 30 world leading experts about Celiac, and why early diagnoses can protect your brain, your digestion, and your life! Find out how gluten impacts your cardiovascular system and brain. Best of all, learn about healing the gut and proper testing because conventional tests don’t accurately detect allergies to gluten.

The Gluten Summit

The Diabetes Summit

Hosted by Dr. Brian Mowll

Over 30 hours of learning. Hear about the best eating strategies for managing and reversing type 2 diabetes. Get practical examples of what to eat, and discover secrets to reading labels to avoid hidden dangers which raise blood sugar.

The Diabetes Summit

The Thyroid Summit

Hosted by Suzy Cohen, RPh and David Brownstein, MD

Fatigue, insomnia, hair loss and weight gain? Find out which lab tests uncover thyroid disease since the standard test misses it 80% of the time. Gain lifetime access to 32 hours of audio and slide show presentations by 32 experts. You’ll learn about safe, effective remedies to improve mood, lose weight, sleep better and have more energy.

The Thyroid Summit

The Thyroid Sessions

Hosted by Sean Croxton, Underground Wellness

Gain lifetime access from 24 health experts, including myself about tests, interpretation, thyroid-healing foods and medications. Learn when surgery is not the best option, and when it is; understand more about the treatment of goiters and nodules.

The Thyroid Sessions

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