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6 Essential Steps to Feeling Thyroid Healthy

Hosted by Suzy Cohen, RPH

This hour-long webinar by Suzy Cohen covers testing, herbal treatment and explains why your medication may not be helping you. It will help you avoid common treatment mistakes, answer burning questions about why you don’t respond to medications (and what to do), and tell you about the vitamins and minerals that you need to have on board in order to activate your thyroid hormone and get it INTO the cell. My webinar is the follow-up to my #1 Amazon best-selling book, Thyroid Healthy. This information is not available anywhere else!

6 Essential Steps to Feeling Thyroid Healthy

The Thyroid Summit

Hosted by Suzy Cohen, RPh and David Brownstein, MD

Fatigue, insomnia, hair loss and weight gain? Find out which lab tests uncover thyroid disease since the standard test misses it 80% of the time. Gain lifetime access to 32 hours of audio and slide show presentations by 32 experts. You’ll learn about safe, effective remedies to improve mood, lose weight, sleep better and have more energy.

The Thyroid Summit

The Thyroid Sessions

Hosted by Sean Croxton, Underground Wellness

Gain lifetime access from 24 health experts, including myself about tests, interpretation, thyroid-healing foods and medications. Learn when surgery is not the best option, and when it is; understand more about the treatment of goiters and nodules.

The Thyroid Sessions

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