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“Suzy Cohen is mad smart and I recommend her books for anyone interested in feeling better and living a healthier life.”

– Sean Croxton, Founder of and author of The Dark Side of Fat Loss

I highly recommend Thyroid Healthy for all patients and doctors to learn more about thyroid disorders. This book is a great addition to everyone’s library and will help you overcome many different health concerns.

-David Brownstein, MD, Board-Certified family physician, international lecturer and founder of

A Hometown Hero, Suzy Cohen R.Ph has done what few others do–move outside the traditional parameters of their profession.  She has enlightened Americans about the side effects of drugs and encouraged many to consider further testing for nutritional deficiencies.  Suzy Cohen is a forward thinker.

– Kelly Jadon, author, syndicated columnist of Hometown Heroes    (Click here to read the full interview)

You have so much relevant information that you share on so many health issues, it’s exciting. Thank You for what you share, and giving us hope!

-Ellen Marie

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This is the best book I’ve read in 25 years!

– Douglas Hall, MD Functional Medicine Practitioner

I ordered your book Diabetes without drugs about 6 months ago. It has changed my life, my sister’s life and the lives of two other close friends I referred to the book. Thank you for your belief in what you do and for the lives you are saving. I am so thankful to have found you!

– Kerry R.

Hi Suzy! I follow you on ‘Twitter’ and just wanted to give you a “shout out” that I enjoy your articles and try to “retweet” whenever possible.   I am reading “Drug Muggers” and love it very much!

– Peter S.