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Hypothyroidism: 5 Reasons You Don't Get Well
There's A Reason For Your Misery
Well-meaning doctors examine you, and listen to you talk about your symptoms... the symptoms that make you absolutely miserable. Unexplained weight gain, brain fog, depression, exhaustion... Your hair is thinning (and you might not realize this, but your cells are starving!)

You are prescribed antidepressants, sleep aids, and menopause hormones, which may or may not help to mask the symptoms.

It may never occur to your physician that the underlying cause of all of these is hypothyroidism.

Most doctors only do one type of test for thyroid disease, and that test "misses the boat" more often than you might think!
Don't Get Dismissed or Placated Ever Again
Why Medication May Not Help
  • Some medications don't work until they're activated
  • Synthroid is bio-identical T4 must be converted to T3
  • ​Minerals are required for activation
  • ​Chronic stress and depression hinder conversion
How Do You Know
You Need Better Care?

  • Your practitioner relies on the TSH test 
  • ​You're not feeling better though it's been months or even years! 
  • Your practitioner refuses to test your rT3 (reverse T3) which is a hibernation hormone
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