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Ease Depression & Anxiety Now

Last week, I gave a ‘Dumb’ Award to “anti-depressant drugs and the doctors who prescribe them for every woman who struggles with depression. In today's column, I'll elaborate more on that. Just keep on reading!

How Fruit Acts Like Medicine

Some people eat nothing but fruit. They are called fruitarians and being a fruitarian is something you choose. While I do not support a 100% fruit-only diet for everyone, I definitely see the virtues in

10 Natural Ways to Treat a Diaper Rash

Diaper rashes are a misery for all involved! Most babies will develop a diaper rash before the age of two, and while there are good commercial creams available, sometimes they simply don’t work or contain

Metformin’s Pros and Cons

Introduced in 1995 when I was just 30 years old, metformin quickly gained traction in the medical arena as the drug of choice to use in diabetes. Prior to its introduction in the United States,

Why Cells Don’t Absorb Thyroid Hormone

No matter what medication you take, or how much T4 your thyroid gland produces, it doesn’t matter if the cells aren’t taking up the thyroid hormone. In other words, you can take (or make) thyroid

Hormone Strategies for Fatigue and Menopause

Many times, when a woman is fatigued and experiencing post-menopausal symptoms, practitioners are quick to recommend hormone replacement therapy, referred to as HRT. This can mitigate the symptoms of menopause, and particularly serves as a

Statins are Drug Muggers of DHEA

DHEA is dubbed the “Fountain of Youth” hormone, and it is produced in high quantities during your younger years. After age 30, it slowly begins to decline. It may eventually flat-line, especially if you are

11 Ways You Ruin Your Teeth

You may unknowingly be harming your teeth unwittingly with all the things you do, eat or drink. You’ll want to read this article if you love to eat citrus fruit, or drink coffee, citrus juices,

5 Brand New Ideas to Treat Diabetes

Diabetes affects millions of people each year, and some of the complications are fatal. The market trends are staggering as the global diabetes drug market is expected to exceed 76 billion dollars by the year

Low Dose Aspirin May Help Preeclampsia

Pregnancy should be a time of joy, but sadly for some women it brings unexpected health challenges. Preeclampsia is a condition that occurs during pregnancy where blood pressure spikes very high and excess protein spills

Diet Drinks Associated with Stroke

We are so attached to our food and drink that it pains me when I have to tell you something bad about what you might love to drink! I have never ever recommended artificially sweetened

Sarsaparilla Good for More than Root Beer

Cowboys drank sarsaparilla soda in the Old West! Today I want to share the health benefits of this wonderful herb. When you first hear “sarsaparilla,” you might think of soda. This herb comes from the

Collagen is Your Own Anti-Aging Compound

For centuries people, especially women have been trying to solve the problem of looking youthful past middle age. It’s very difficult because after four or five decades, our face, skin, hair and nails really show

12 Ways to Winterize Your Body

Wintertime ⛄ is probably my favorite season, after autumn. The winter is lovely, the trees are all flocked and the air is so fresh. You can make snowballs and fire up the crock pot with