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Marijuana Coming to a Pharmacy Near You

April 20th is a ‘holiday’ of sorts in Colorado called “4/20” and events generate thousands of visitors who go to various parks all over Colorado and some smoke pot in an effort to promote its

How To Make Herbal Tea for Your Troubles

We’re doing something wrong because, as a nation, we spend twice what other comparable countries spend on health care, but we have the lowest life expectancy. Worse, we have the highest infant mortality rates. Our

6 Cosmetic Secrets to Get Gorgeous

No matter what your age, you always want to look your absolute best. Throughout my life, I’ve learned all kinds of beauty tips and tricks from reading, talking to friends, and getting to know a

How Biotin Impacts Your Thyroid

There was a medical conference held in San Diego California recently and a physician presented a case study about a woman who took a large amount of B vitamin called biotin. I’m sure you’ve heard

12 Natural Remedies for Varicose Veins

Sometimes it seems like varicose veins come out of nowhere when you’re least expecting it. Most people over the age of 60 have some degree, and usually they’re not a big deal. But they could

Breast Implants May Increase Cancer Risk

Hundreds of thousands of women voluntarily opt for breast augmentation surgery. There are many reasons for that, and certainly women perceive the size and shape of their breasts to be a vital component of their

9 Tactics to Outsmart Fat Cells

Weight gain does not discriminate based upon body shape, and it’s most attracted to people with hormone imbalances, chronic overeating, and an inability to cope with stress.  So how do you win what appears to be

The Weirdest Health Headlines of 2017

One of my favorite things to do is make notes of weird, bizarre, and otherwise nutso health headlines that make the news throughout the year.  Believe it or not, there is some truth to some

Build a Better Brain with DHA

Many of us feel like we used to be smarter and quicker at making decisions. At 52, I feel like my brain is still fairly sharp, but certainly not like it was at 30! Let

Measure Reverse T3 and Get Thyroid Healthy!

Many of you follow my writing and understand that hypothyroidism means reduced level of thyroid hormone, dubbed “T3.”  But you probably have not heard of reverse T3.  Today I’m going to tell you why you

Nootropic Supplements – Nature’s Smart Pills

Recently I wrote an article entitled Alzheimer’s: The Scariest Word You May Ever Hear. Afterward, many of you emailed and shared your personal stories about this, and some were delightful, others heart-breaking.  I truly understand.