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8 Ways to Calm Down Quickly

8 WAYS TO CALM DOWN QUICKLY It’s natural to get stressed out, or even go into a state of mild shock if you hear bad news. It’s also possible that your hormones and neurotransmitters are

Natural Alternatives to Antibiotics

Some of you take several antibiotics each and every day while some of you avoid them like the plague.  The pros of a traditional antibiotic is that you can keep your infection from achieving full-blown

Help for Chronic Sinus Problems

As spring rolls around, allergies and hay fever cause problems, and so do lingering strains of colds and flu. Maybe you are one of the 40 million people in North America who are experiencing uncomfortable

How Aspirin Stops Nerve Pain

We take for granted the comfort we feel in our hands and feet, I know I do. But some of you have lost that comfort, and suffer all day long with strange nerve-related concerns. There

Ladies Get Your Va-va-va-voom Back

Ladies, we all know there are plenty of ways to say you’re not “in the mood”, however, if you find yourself using excuse after excuse, this could be a sign of bigger hormonal problems. It’s

How Statins Cause Diabetes

IMPORTANT:  FYI- If you are looking for loads of information on diabetes and how to feel better, check out The Diabetes World Summit 2016. I am one of the Presenters so when you sign up to

The Case Against Kale

I want to share with you a recent conversation between me and my “bookface” mom: Mom: Suzy!  Eat more broccoli!!!  (This was the 5th time she said it). Suzy: Ma, c’mon, I don't want a

Sam and Suzy – A Like Affair

Many people have taken notice of the relationship that Sam and I have. Close friends have asked us for years about how we do it and what the secret sauce is to our relationship. We

11 Harmless Folk Remedies to Patch You Up

Dear Readers: Today is going to be fun.  I’m passing along to you some of the folk remedies that readers have shared over the years.  Though there may be truth in some of them,  please don’t take

5 Surprising Ways To Relieve Menopause

The dreaded hot flashes of menopause are often more than just a mere nuisance, they can disrupt your life day and night. I have been post-menopausal for 3 years and luckily have yet to experience