I Got Into a Fight With a Doctor


Doctors are my friends, so I was dismayed to lose my cool with a physician recently. My husband Sam (who has Lyme disease from a tick bite years ago) developed symptoms that might get diagnosed

Can Your Pet Cause Illness?


Dear Pharmacist I read your article on Bartonella, and how pets can indirectly give it to you. What other diseases do pets transmit? Are there antibiotics? --S.J., Orlando, Florida Answer: Great question since pet lovers

Strange Causes for Seizure Disorders


Dear ReadersThis is the EXTENDED more comprehensive version of the article that printed in your local paper:    Dear Pharmacist,  My brother suddenly developed seizures, at the age of 26, never having a history. I’ve searched

Long History of Pain? Think Lyme Disease


Dear Suzy,  My life’s never been the same since 2004. Overnight, I developed arthritis, vertigo, headaches  and fatigue. I used to run every day! I’ve been to 10 doctors for never-ending symptoms too embarrassing to

Maybe You Don’t Really Have Rheumatoid Arthritis


Dear Pharmacist, I’ve tried everything for rheumatoid arthritis, and I’m still disabled, worse now than several years ago. I’ve spent thousands on Enbrel, Humira, Remicade and Cytoxan. Any advice? --S.C., Miami, Florida Answer: I’m sorry