Suzy Couch

My name is Suzy Cohen, and I’ve been a licensed pharmacist for over 30 years, and have done a lot of media in regards to promoting my natural health message: Natural supplements can work just as well as medicine but without the side effects.

I believe the best approach to chronic illness is a combination of natural medicine and conventional. That way, you will receive the best from both worlds, should your condition require that. I also think that no matter what path you are on, there is always hope.

One of the most gratifying things I’ve done in my life is author books. Those natural healing books contain the information that you need to feel empowered again. Some are now translated into various languages around the world, including German, Hebrew, Spanish, Korean, Indonesian, and more. My heart and soul were poured into one of these books… here’s what happened. 

After dealing with hypothyroidism in my late 40’s, and being misdiagnosed repeatedly, I cured myself. I became a self-taught thyroid expert because I learned what vitamins and herbal treatments would shift activation and production of thyroid hormone! Then in 2014, I co-hosted an online summit called “The Thyroid Summit” which garnered viewers from all around the world! Holding this event was life-changing, not only for me but for those who tuned in. 

The “Thyroid Summit” interviews are still available if you’re interested, I have the interviews on a flash drive available for purchase at my vitamin shop.  Along the thyroid continuum, I wrote a book on how I healed myself called Thyroid Healthy: Lose Weight, Look Beautiful and Live the Life You Imagine. Finally, and perhaps best of all, I have custom formulated and manufactured 3 different thyroid supplements, two of which are 100% fully patented! 

I source a few patented ingredients from overseas, mainly France, however, everything is made, tested, and proudly produced in the USA. My supplements are not just another “me-too” formula with my picture on it, that’s what most people do. Every bottle contains my knowledge in a capsule! My supplements work as well as drugs but without the side effects because I am a Registered Pharmacist and I make them work like that. You can visit the store HERE. 

1You are currently at my blog site, not my store. The information I offer here is free, you can read what I think about in the 1000+ blogs that are archived here. There is NO membership fee, nor any charge to read this information. It is a perspective on medicine and natural health that will find nowhere else. That’s because I am a conventionally trained practitioner who is also holistic and trained in Functional Medicine. You won’t find my medical perspective anywhere else.

Something you may not know about me is that I am kind of like the ‘Dear Abby’ of health and medicine, lol! I have a nationally syndicated column and have been writing for papers nationwide since 1999! If you don’t read me in the paper, perhaps you have seen my appearances on numerous episodes of The Dr. OZ Show, or The 700 Club 6 times. I have also appeared briefly on The Doctors talk show and Good Morning America. 

2Here’s a little bit of a secret that I am just now coming out with in 2022… no one really knows what I have been through but it has made me who I am today. What I’ve seen, what WE’VE lived through and endured for 25 years has made me want to share my knowledge with you, so you never have to go through what I have! You see, my husband has suffered so much for his entire adult life by taking a prescription medication prescribed to him by a doctor. The doctor over-prescribed it. Instead of a 14-day course of antibiotics, he ordered it for a month! Sam almost died. This catastrophe occurred when Sam was in his early 30s before I knew him. 

We fell in love after he was already ‘sick’ from this medication poisoning! When I got hold of him, they were just drugging him more and more, and he was declining. It made my head spin!How could a medication — one that I dispense from my own pharmacy and think nothing of — cause such pain and suffering in a human being? It was hard becoming what might be called a ‘caregiver’ at such a young age, and I had two children of my own, plus a step-daughter so my family, work and these challenges were hard to bear. Energy is a commodity you think nothing of until you run out of it! 

suzy and sam cohenWhile incredibly stressful at the time, I did the juggle and made it through. No one could have prepared me for all that occurred, and yet I know that retrospectively, it was all meant to be. I found the man of my dreams while simultaneously finding my life’s work. I’ve turned the lemons into lemonade by paying it forward. Everything I know and learned to help Sam recover is either written in my blog (use my search box). Every book I’ve written, even those that have nothing to do with Sam contain the knowledge I’ve accumulated by studying how natural plant extracts and vitamins work on the same pathway as drugs. That ‘language’ is my second language. 

Has he healed? No, not completely, he does suffer from the antibiotic they gave him… but he is doing great overall! We are still in love. He gave me the idea to start writing in newspapers, which then became books, which then became TV, and so forth. This precious man would have died if he was left to traditional medicine! They sent him home many times without any hope “sorry there’s nothing more we can do, prepare yourself for the worst.” 

With tears in my eyes each day, I would self-teach myself everything I needed to know to find out what herbs and vitamins affected the metabolic pathways that I am so familiar with (with medications).  I retired from working at a traditional retail pharmacist, and learned to think outside the pill! 

Through what others call a “tragic love story,” I learned so much, I learned a million times more than what they ever taught me at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy. I learned to keep putting one foot in front of the other, and to use what God put upon our planet first, and if you do use medications, start low and go slow!


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