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Thyroid Myths and Facts

Unexplained fatigue, hair that is falling out quickly, feeling cold and the concern that you’re losing your mind! These are pretty hallmark symptoms of thyroid illness which goes undiagnosed due to poor standards for testing.

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Home Remedies Are Handy Right Now 

As more and more people come down with ailments in their body, they are seeking complimentary (aka alternative) ways to treat themselves in order to avoid the hospital. Fears surrounding the coronavirus have made at-home

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6 Fast-Acting Sore Throat Remedies

When your throat hurts it’s because it has been irritated which can happen for many reasons. Among the most common are post-nasal drip, chronic allergies, pollution, or cold/flu. Sometimes you can strain yourself so much

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new drugs 2021

New Drugs in 2021

Here are the most interesting new medications that hit the market in 2021. There were two over-the-counter (OTC) drugs approved in 2021, however one of them them has already been recalled so I am not

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Solving Cold, Flu and Fever

At this time of year, we need to protect ourselves from all kinds of bugs that can make us uncomfortable, and this is especially important for people who are older, or have a compromised immune

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