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How Our Language is Controlled

Today I was reminded about the special FDA regulations required for dietary supplements. It occurred when an Amazon representative phoned me to tell me that one word describing my sleep formula implied it was for

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8 Natural ACE Inhibitors for Heart Health

The topic of blood pressure has become very important now because heart attacks, strokes, myocarditis, hypertension and other cardiovascular conditions are on the rise. One of the most effective and popular categories of medication against

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4 Benefits of Horse Chestnut Herb

Researching this popular herb was a lot of fun and I will share what I learned about it today. Horse chestnut is so called because every autumn, the distinctive horseshoe-shaped imprint is left behind on

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Thyroid Myths and Facts

Unexplained fatigue, hair that is falling out quickly, feeling cold and the concern that you’re losing your mind! These are pretty hallmark symptoms of thyroid illness which goes undiagnosed due to poor standards for testing.

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