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Eating Lettuce Can Make You Sleepy

This summer, and especially around the 4th of July, lots of people are barbecuing. It's easy and outdoorsy, but the word “grill” and “lettuce” shouldn’t be in the same sentence should they?  Why not? It

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Grilled Lettuce with Parmesan

Ingredients4 small Romaine hearts, rinsed (cut only the top leafy part, leave the core)1 tablespoon of olive oil 2 TBLS favorite salad dressing 2 tea chopped fresh parsleySalt and Pepper to taste Optional: 1/2 cup

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Open-Faced Nova Sandwich

Ingredients1/2 cup sour cream or unflavored Greek yogurt1 table horseradish sauce1 table fresh dill (chopped)1 table Italian (flat-leaf) parsley1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice4 slices of *Rye bread (lightly toasted) 6 to 8 slices of smoked

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Warm Gouda Biscuit

Ingredients1 cup shredded Gouda cheese2 cups unbleached plain flour 1 tablespoon baking powder 1 tea sea salt 1/4 tea black pepper1/2 tea garlic or garlic-onion powder 2/3 cup milk (or milk alternative)1/3 cup butter 1

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