Antidepressants Might Lose Effect, Try Something Natural

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Dear Pharmacist,
I take Zoloft for depression. It doesn‘t seem to work as well anymore. I also have a chronic illness, which I’d rather not disclose. Can Zoloft lose it’s effect like this?
M.B., Sanibel, Florida

Answer:  Yes. Sometimes we grow tolerant to a drug so it seems like the magic effect is gone. Or a drug could remain fully potent, while the body continues to decline because underlying imbalances do not get corrected. Chronic illness often goes hand in hand with poor sleep, stress and pain so treating these will also help improve depression. Since Zoloft isn’t helping anymore, try 5-HTP, a natural over-the-counter antidepressant.

Our body make 5-HTP which gets converted to serotonin, our “happy” brain chemical. 5-HTP is particularly good at balancing mood, improving sleep and reducing pain. It cuts carb cravings, reduces appetite and helps migraines. Each dose of 5-HTP should be taken 2 hours before meals with a snack or with orange juice. Caution: Don’t take 5-HTP with other antidepressants or if pregnant or nursing. And don’t overdue it. When starting, go slow and move upward towards a total daily dose of 300 – 600 mg per day.