Cancer Incidence Study

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There review article focuses on the relationship between the level of vitamin D3 and cancer incidence (or mortality), and also the potential properties of vitamin D3 that support its significant role in survival rates with certain cancers, among them:

1. Colorectal
2. Prostate
3. Breast
4. Ovarian
5. Endometrial
6. Bladder
7. Malignant melanoma

“The level of vitamin D3 has been also demonstrated to serve as a biomarker in some cancers, and high levels of vitamin D3 can be conducive to successful cancer therapy.

Readers, the above scientific article regarding Vitamin D3 (a fat-soluble essential nutrient) suggests it has a significant role in supporting immune system health in humans.* Higher levels ofD3 appear to be superior to lower levels, and this is why physicians often useD3 levels as a biomarker during therapy with their patients.