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Are you planning to start hormone therapy, or are you tired all the time? If you take the DUTCH Complete test, it will help you uncover some very important things! 

We live in a day and age where so many people are wiped out, exhausted, and burned out, trying to figure out what stimulants they can take next! Am I right?

Perhaps you don’t see yourself in that category. That’s okay, maybe it’s something else that I will mention down below. 

But millions of people drink Monster, Red Bull, Rockstar, and Starbucks, every single day! These stimulant drinks can definitely save the day! I’ve used them myself many times to give myself a quick pick-me-up or to cure the daytime haze I get from writing all night. If you’re a blogger or author, you know exactly what I mean. We tend to like to write at night when it’s peaceful and quiet.

However, the challenge is that these quick fix-me-ups never fix the root cause of a chronic problem, such as unrelenting fatigue or morning exhaustion and nighttime alertness. These issues are related to hormone imbalance, whether that be estrogen hormones, cortisol, thyroid hormone, or something related. Caffeine doesn’t correct these issues, it just works for a few hours and it may increase hypertension and heart disease risk. 

If you are suffering from either an adrenal or hormonal imbalance, taking the DUTCH Complete test can lend insight into some of the symptoms you present with. Before I delve into the benefits I want to say one thing, because this is important. So many times I hear, “I don’t want to take hormones because they caused me such difficulties when I tried them last time! I’m never doing that again!”

And I understand you. I’ve had the same nightmare experience as you when treating with hormones myself, but it didn’t stop me from seeing a few other physicians until I found one who was great, she really knew what she was doing! She could read and interpret DUTCH results too. The problem for most physicians is that prescribing hormones is an art and it takes years of practice to perfect. 

If you are on HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy), the DUTCH Complete test is a useful tool. DUTCH testing was actually designed to be optimally effective for most forms of hormone replacement therapy given to men and women. Unique methods are used for improved monitoring of oral progesterone, vaginal hormones, and more. 

What other advantages does The DUTCH Complete Test Have over blood tests? 

DUTCH Complete test

You might be wondering that and it’s a good question because most people do get tested for hormone levels at some point or another. But it’s usually a blood test, and that’s not going to give you the whole picture. There are other major biomarkers that can only be measured via urine, and that’s an important “superpower” of taking a simple urine test, versus a blood test.

Here’s the Reason People Give Up on Taking Their Hormones

When it comes to ranges, it is best to stick to your age range. So if you’re 55, do not try to take estrogen in high doses, it could cause acne, hot flashes, and cysts. Your goal shouldn’t be to get to the hormonal level of a 30-year-old! This is the reason that most people start a hormone cream or pill and then give up! They never go back to it due to the traumatic side effects of incorrect dosing. To that I say, try again, but see a good practitioner who knows how to balance your hormones based on your age and your urine metabolites. 

If they can’t read a DUTCH Complete test, find someone who can. That’s my best advice. I’m not a doctor, and even I can read and interpret those tests to some degree! It’s not rocket science. But it is critical to get you the right dose, one that doesn’t cause traumatic issues like those I mentioned above, or others like spotting, or a period that starts at age 80! I see why you gave up, but you just had the wrong dose. 

So when you see your doctor, insist to them, to stick closer to your age range or perhaps 10 years prior. As a 60-year-old male, your goal shouldn’t be the hormone status of a 20-year-old, that’s an absurd goal. But you certainly can dial in your dose to feel great for your age. Less is more with estrogen. Estrogen should always be given in tandem with progesterone. 

Symptoms of hormone imbalances

Symptoms of hormone imbalances - Why You Should Measure Your Hormones with The DUTCH Complete Test

These symptoms are underlying hormonal imbalance. What makes me sad is that you might end up seeing a dozen different doctors, OB/GYNs, or therapists to help you with ONE problem, the problem of hormone imbalance! 

The 3 Main Superpowers of the DUTCH Complete Test

1. DUTCH Complete Test gives you way more clarity over a long time frame.

In the blood, most of your hormones are actually bound to a protein that shuttles it throughout your bloodstream, and periodically drops it off. The hormone being carried can stop anywhere and come unlatched from the protein, and then enter a cell where it becomes biologically active. Hormones bind to cells all over the body, including the brain. Now you know why brain fog is sometimes tied to imbalanced hormones.

Most hormones remain latched or bound to the receptor, they’re not free. They want to stay hitched to the protein. Only a tiny fraction of the total hormones in your body are “free” at any given point in time. So when you measure bloodstream levels, you don’t really know how much hormone is there, you just see the “free” part. It’s fine to test this, but it paints an incomplete picture. The DUTCH Complete test has the advantage of offering clarity in this regard. 

These free hormones are not found readily in the urine except perhaps cortisol and cortisone (because those are water soluble), but again, most hormones are bound to a protein. So if you take a blood test to evaluate your hormones, you can measure the free hormone during that instant in time, but that’s about it! It’s not very telling all by itself because the amount of free hormone will change every few seconds, whereas the hormones that are bound to proteins, as well as their metabolites, are pretty steady. 

The DUTCH Complete test (which is urine hormone testing, gives you a great picture of what’s happening in your body over the course of 24 hours, versus a moment in time. 

2. The DUTCH Complete Test Provides Info on Your Methylation.

DUTCH Complete Test Provides Info on Your Methylation

The methylation activity portion of the test shows a person’s ratio of two types of estrogen metabolites: 2-Methyoxy-E1 and 2-Hydroxy-E1.

This ratio is absolutely critical. And you won’t see it on a blood test because it is based upon these two special urine metabolites tested on the DUTCH Complete test. So if you have a ratio of 2-Methoxy-E1 / 2-OH-E1 that is low, compared to what is expected, it could be due to low levels of specific B vitamins and/or genetic polymorphisms in certain genes like COMT or MTHFR genes. You can turn on these genes if your methylation pathway isn’t up to par. The COMT enzyme responsible for methylation requires magnesium and methyl donors like methylcobalamin (a good form of B12). 

This is important because you have to properly clear your estrogen from the body, if you don’t, there could be reproductive problems, and cancers. If you don’t metabolize estrogen in a healthy way (down a healthy pathway), then you risk estrogen dominance, as well as risks of estrogen-driven problems of the endometrium, breast tissue, cervical, and uterus. In summary, the very important methylation pathway can be evaluated to some degree on the DUTCH Complete test, and adjustments can be made nutritionally to maximize your health.

3. The DUTCH Complete test shows how you metabolize your hormones.

One more superpower – and this is a big one – is the breakdown process. A blood test just shows one parameter, a single total measurement of a hormone at one instant of time (that instant being when the phlebotomist draws out the blood). But that blood test shows absolutely nothing (zero!) about how that hormone is broken down. 

This little piece of information is critical to helping you reduce cancer risk, for all types of cancer, but especially for cancers affecting the reproductive system. 

Am I saying a DUTCH Complete Hormone Test can cure or prevent cancer? Of course not, it does not do that. What it does show is how your body tends to break down a hormone. It shows your body’s individual propensity for the metabolism of a hormone. When you know this, and when your practitioner has this glimpse, it’s magical because then you can do something to shift the pathways. In other words, you can take supplements, hormones, or vitamins to change the way you metabolize your hormones, and make them break down to healthier metabolites that are actually cancer-protective. It’s a big deal to be able to do that! 

Why You Should Choose Dutch Hormone Test Kit?

Why You Should Choose Dutch Hormone Test Kit

I’m all about the root cause. So that is why I recommend the DUTCH Complete test. It’s an at-home test, it’s easy to take, you just basically pee on a paper strip (doing that four or five times). Let them dry, and mail them back to the lab in an envelope! There are no needles, no spit/saliva, and no physician appointment needed. This is an at-home test. Best of all, useful results about your hormone metabolism will be privately emailed! 

I used to recommend this test for many years before I knew I could sell it online directly to people. I would make recommendations to my friends and family, and to people who read my blogs for this specific DUTCH test and tell them to call their physician and ask for it. Hardly anyone had success, and how unfortunate that is. 

Most physicians are too busy to do the necessary paperwork to become a Provider for the test, therefore, their patients don’t get to take the test. Also, some doctors just don’t believe in estrogen metabolites, or urine testing for hormones (they prefer blood tests for example, even though those aren’t that informative), but anyway, me telling people to take the DUTCH Complete test often fell flat because patients can’t make a doctor give them a test! Frustrating. 

So one day, I called the makers of DUTCH and I asked point blank if I could solve the problem and sell their test directly to people from my website since I am one of their Providers. They see my license like that as a doctor in the sense that I am allowed to provide the test to people, just like a doctor can.

So I asked if I can just sell it directly to consumers, that way people could finally get the test and take it very quickly, and get the help they need. And they said yes. So after several years of promoting its benefits, I started selling it online. This made me so happy.

  DUTCH Complete Hormone Test

More About the DUTCH Complete Hormone Test

This test is the gold standard in terms of hormone testing. It evaluates not only hormone metabolites and reproductive hormones but also shows your status for vitamin B12, melatonin, progesterone, cortisol, cortisone, and testosterone. That last hormone is a good indicator of sex drive and prostate function. 

The DUTCH test stands for Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones 

Once you take your test in the privacy of your own home, you will have to urinate on small filter papers. You let them dry for a day or two. Then you mail back these small filter papers to the lab in the envelope provided along with your requisition form (it’s just the paperwork that goes with it). In about 3 weeks, the lab sends your results to whatever email address you provided on your paperwork. 

The biomarkers and hormones measured in the DUTCH Complete Test

DUTCH Complete Test - biomarkers tested

➡️a-Pregnanediol and b-Pregnanediol

➡️ Testosterone

➡️ Estrogen

➡️ 2-OH-E1

➡️ 4-OH-E1

➡️ 16-OH-E1

➡️ Cortisol

➡️ Cortisone

➡️ COMT Function

➡️ Metabolized Cortisol

➡️ DHEA and DHEA-s

➡️ Phase I & II Metabolism

➡️ Pyroglutamate

➡️ Melatonin as 6-OHM

➡️ Urine Creatinine

➡️ 8-OHdG

➡️ HVA Homovanillate

➡️ VMA Vanilmandelate

Why You Should Measure Your Hormones with The DUTCH Complete Test?

There are certain people who could benefit from taking the DUTCH Complete test and I’d say if you meet any of the criteria below, consider taking it once or twice a year.

✅ If you have menstrual problem

✅ If you are peri-menopausal and want to control symptoms.

✅ If you are post-menopausal and taking hormone medication.

✅ If you are post-menopausal and want to alleviate symptoms.

✅ If you are andropausal and have a low sex drive or muscle atrophy.

✅ If you have some type of reproductive cancer (prostate, breast, testicular, ovarian, cervical…).

✅ If you have fertility concerns. The DUTCH Complete test does not test fertility, but it does lend insight.

✅ If you have anxiety or insomnia.

✅ If you feel like you have depression or mood instability.

✅ If you have thyroid illness.

✅ If you have chronic fatigue.

✅ If you have symptoms that ruin your life, and no one has found a cause yet.

✅ If you just want to see where your hormone levels are at so you can have a baseline.

What is the cost of the DUTCH Complete Test?

The DUTCH Complete test is now $459 per test kit 

DUTCH Complete Hormone Test

*Please note there is no additional postage fee for this test, it is included.

How to Order your DUTCH Complete Test

You can learn more by clicking here or purchasing it directly following the Shop Now button given in the above section. You can also order this on AMAZON at my store there. 

DUTCH Complete Test: Results and Interpretation

DUTCH Complete Test Results and Interpretation

You will receive a comprehensive report that may, at first, look intimidating! But this is important information and contains standard explanations that an educated health care practitioner can help you with. It also contains nutritional suggestions that can help alter pathways and therefore change metabolism. 

DUTCH Complete Test Results and Interpretation - part 2

Ebook Download DUTCH (5)

If you purchase the DUTCH Complete test will automatically receive my ebook (a $16.99 value). This is a very important ebook because it helps explain each of the biomarkers on the DUTCH Complete test. You will find it an invaluable resource.

Since I don’t do personal consultations, I’ve written the ebook to share with you and it’s a gift to help you understand what to do. 

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Recommendations to help solve hormone imbalances include dietary supplements, herbal extracts, and prescribed hormone medications, creams, or injections. Stress management and lifestyle changes are sometimes noted if that could help melatonin and cortisol shifts.

More reading and resources are available 

In Closing 

Metabolization (ie break down) of estrogen hormones occurs thanks to the help of your liver. It happens 24/7 and never stops. Men and women are constantly making and breaking down estrogen and testosterone hormones, cortisol, and many other hormones throughout their life.

Metabolization is a very dynamic process, and the speed of conversion in the human body changes from minute to minute. That is why blood tests, as helpful, as they are, do not paint a very complete picture. A blood test of your hormones, including your SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) with a DUTCH Complete test, would be ideal because then you could see all kinds of biomarkers that way! A good HRT Specialist will understand everything.

With DUTCH, the ease of collection of urine samples can’t be beaten! You just have to collect four (or five) urine samples over one evening and the next morning. You do it at home, you do not need to go anywhere to collect the sample! You do not even need a cup, just urinate on the strips, then dry them. 

Dried urine samples remain clinically stable for testing for several weeks! That makes it convenient to ship them. The makers of DUTCH go through a rigorous validation process to verify the accuracy of your test results. They are a top-notch company relentlessly pursuing the most accurate and precise techniques for testing. If you have any basic questions about the DUTCH Complete test, CLICK HERE.