How to Get Rid of Moths

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Let me start with I’m not really a bug lover, or a tree hugger type of person. But I can’t justify killing certain creatures just because they got lost and found their way into my home. I will try to trap and free certain things, depending on how big they are. 

I’ve tried it with a few creatures like ladybugs, butterflies, small lizards and Sam, but he’s big and he keeps coming back!😂 😂😂 Ha ha, I’m kidding around.
I love this guy!🥰 

But we have a moth problem and it’s creating marital stress because Sam is skittish about doing bug removal. He’ll do it but there’s a lot of commotion. But he can definitely get the job done if he wants to. And we DID have a verbal agreement that we made when we got married in the state of Florida, that he would deal with all cockroaches and spiders, if I would deal with the snakes and mice. While there have been tense stares over the past 22 years of marriage, I will vouch for Sam’s ability to perfectly execute his husbandly tasks too. It’s kind of hilarious to watch a strong 6’5″ man squirming like crazy about a cockroach with a broom in his hand 😂 and there have been times where I’d have to cordon off the space like a crime scene and then listen to a lot of … well, let’s just call it “noise!”

As for me and the mice and snakes, I’ve kept my end of the deal. I have to do more ‘tasks’ out here in Colorado. Almost all of my targets lived to see another day out doors. I can do this quieter than a sleeping baby … because well, if I let the cat out of the bag, I will create mayhem in the house. 😂 So all fuzzy mouse and non-poisonous snake removals are completed with self control and grace. He probably thinks I’m just folding laundry, or watering the the flowers outside. 😂

Nothing was discussed about the moths.😬

Apparently this is my new full-time job.😏 We live in Colorado where every spring, there is a situation! The migration of moths begins here and in Kansas, and flies westward over our state. You can read more about the nuisance HERE. The article is by Whitney Cranshaw and Frank Peairs from Colorado State University. 

And one of these aggressive suckers is in my bathroom. (He continues to live as we speak, don’t worry). But it’s caused me to stop researching coronavirus and look up ways to stop moths from annoying you.

Natural predators of moths includes birds and bats.

My intention for today’s article when I first sat down was about the immune system health benefits of adding citrus peel to your meals, but here we are, talking about attack moths!

Below you will find my formula to make your own moth spray. The natural ingredients are essential oils that you can purchase anywhere, and I assure you, this spritzer will smell a lot better than moth balls which can be dangerous. This reminds me when I lived in Florida… our home was experiencing significant lawn damage from voles. Sam, threw a hundred moth balls in the yard to scare them off and all it did was waft through the whole community. I never recommend moth balls in your closet, or anywhere!

We live in Colorado now. We don’t see voles, but we do get snakes and mice, as well as a lot of moths! You can try to chase moths out of your house, but this takes persistence and good aim. I’ve done it four times successfully today! Moths are pretty unaware of you approaching them, so they don’t move if you walk up behind them. Don’t be afraid of them, they are just like butterflies, but not as colorful. They’re not going to bite you or sting you either.

Find one on your window, or mirror, and quickly put a cup over him! Then slide a sheet of paper between the cup and the window glass. Very carefully lift it, and take your moth out, and free him outside. Voila! This is my job apparently because Sam gets too spooked to do it when they start fluttering inside the cup, which is inevitable… I mean, they do have wings! 

Try the following moth spray. Just so you know in advance, this will kill a moth if it’s sprayed directly on it!  But you can also use this spray in your closet, your bedroom or kitchen, or anywhere, and it will repel them from coming into that specific area.

Spray every few hours to keep repelling them. Adjust the scent to your liking. For example, add less eucalyptus and more lavender if you find my formula too zingy for you. Don’t spray it directly on your clothes. Spray around window sills, and door frames, really everywhere.

This spritzer will freshen the air and also repel the moths as well as light. Sam says it will for sure make them smell nice!🙄😂

If you’re out west like me, shut the drain on your bathtubs, and bathroom vents. Make sure your windows all have screens on them that are perfectly intact. I found one of my screens torn, probably from my psycho roofers last year, and anyway, it was a portal for the moths to get into my house.

Moth Repellant Spray
Water 4 ounces
Essential oil of Cedar – 20 – 30 drops
Essential oil of Lavender – 10 – 20 drops
Essential oil of Peppermint – 5 – 10 drops
Essential oil of Eucalyptus – 10 – 20 drops
Optional: Citronella Essential Oil – 5 drops

Directions: Pour water into the spray bottle and add the essential oils. If you don’t like the scent, add something to it that you do like, such as Wild Orange or Lemon essential oil.  Spray as desired into the room, or window sills, door frames and areas where you see a moth. 

In closing, there are many ways to get rid of moths. You definitely don’t want these things laying eggs in your home because when they hatch, you’ll be faced with a big infestation of hundreds of larvae.

The moths can’t live more than a few days without feeding on plants or leaves. Another idea is to buy fresh Rosemary or Thyme herb, and bundle it, and put it in the closet, or the bathroom because the moths won’t like that and they’ll fly away. For that matter, you can add those two essential oils to your spray (see above) and it will be even stronger. Email me if you have comments or other helpful tips. I will publicly post a few of your ideas/comments/tip down below.