10 Medicinal Ice Cube Recipes to Help You Lose Weight

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I have had fun with my latest hobby of making an ice cube that has medicinal benefits! It makes drinking pure filtered water more fun. You can make an ice cube in all different shapes now depending on the kind of tray you have.

Drinking water instead of soda can be the fastest, simplest way to lose weight and improve health.

Why an Ice Cube in Water is Better

Why? Because we all need fresh water to dilute poisons in our body and filter toxins through our kidneys. When you become dehydrated with sugar-laden drinks, this filtration function gets harder. Blood sugar increases. Remember, water is essential to life because it keeps us hydrated.

Having enough water on board can reduce your risk of migraines while improving energy. Yet, despite the common sense aspect to drinking water and staying hydrated, some people insist on drinking tainted water that was perfectly good before some giant food company turned it into a liquid missile.

ice cube

Messed Up Water with an Ice Cube

Drinking chemical liquids has become the norm. Millions of people worldwide choose to drink what I call “messed up water,” water that has been manufactured to contain lab-created dyes some of which trigger anxiety and asthma, various artificial sweeteners or preservatives, a few known carcinogens as well as refined sugar.

Oh but wait, there are ADHD drugs that offset the effect of drinking liquid excitotoxins. (Yes I’m being sarcastic). My intention is not to lecture you, but I do care enough to at least point this out.

My hope is that you’d like to upgrade what you drink, or wean off sugary beverages that guarantee you’ll wear a bigger size than you want to.

You’ll Need an Ice Cube Tray

Also, as addicted as some of you are, I’m sure you’d be willing to at least offer your children a cleaner, healthier version of water if you only knew how. So my goal today is to teach you how to make water prettier, tastier, and fresher with something cheap and easy like ice cubes!

You can use your regular old ice cube tray or buy some of the fancier molds to make them prettier. Getting your children involved in this aspect will make them more apt to taste the ice cube when you’re done because they got to choose the pretty mold.

As a pharmacist and natural herbal thinker, I will now show you how to make ice cubes more medicinal by infusing them with fruits, superfoods and herbs. Then whenever you’re ready you can slowly tilt yourself in the direction of clean, pure water or fizzy seltzer drinks. It will save you lots of money each week. Changing from soda to water is easy if you want to. It’s just a choice. Please try making ice cubes this way:

Man An Ice Cube with Blueberries

Add 3 blueberries to each cube and freeze. When these melt in your water later on, you can eat them. Seltzer water is ideal. Blueberries enhance cognitive function, vision, and cholesterol/triglyceride ratios.

raspberry ice cube

Raspberries. I’d puree a cub in some water and then freeze into your ice cube molds. These can be added to a smoothie without concern that the seeds will get stuck in your teeth. Ladies, raspberries are known to help with female hormonal concerns during your cycle.

Mint. Put a tiny sprig in each ice cube. When it melts in your water it will add a minty zing and freshen your breath. Mint is great for energy and may improve digestion.

Greens. Use your favorite green superfood and mix up some at half-strenth. Pour into ice cube trays.  This may ‘stain’ your water as it melts and turns it green but it’s fun for the kids to watch, and it infuses your water with superpowers unobtainable from plain ice cubes. It’s the chlorella and other greens that give you the added punch.

Watermelon. Pick out the seeds, blend the watermelons and then pour into your ice cube tray. These add a splash of color and great because watermelons have no fat, they’re low in calories and rich in Vitamin A.  Watermelon helps with muscle soreness, according to a 2013 article published in the Journal of Agricultural Food and Chemistry. It helped athletes with their heart rate too, compliments of a compound called L-citrulline.

Strawberries.  Use organic ones and make sure they have red meat inside, not white (you don’t want to use gassed strawberries). Wash them and cut the stems then slice thinly. Put a slice in each cube. Strawberries have 113 percent of the daily value of Vitamin C, plus a lot of manganese which makes your SOD (detoxification) enzyme work better.

strawberry ice cube

Make a Matcha Ice Cube

Brew some matcha green tea at half-strength and then freeze it. These make beautiful cubes and even better, matcha infuses your water with EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) which is a known cancer fighter, and also fat-burning compound. EGCG has been shown in yet another STUDY (August 2023) to have cardiovascular benefits.

Coconut. Freeze your favorite coconut water and you can use these ice cubes in a smoothie for added superfood benefits. Coconut has well-documented anti-fungal properties.

New research published in the British Journal of Nutrition (July 2015) has outlined more benefits about coconuts. They contain “phenolic compounds” and hormones called “cytokinins” and this may reduce clumping together of amyloid-β peptide (plaques). This means coconut compounds may potentially block a critical step that leads to Alzheimer’s disease.

Coconut has medical benefits, but just be aware that those with chronic kidney disease should minimize or avoid drinking too much because of the high potassium levels.

Root beer. Purchase a little bottle of root beer extract and infuse fizzy seltzer water. You can either drink this or freeze it to make root beer ice cubes.

Tomato Juice Ice Cube?

So if you’re into Bloody Mary’s, you can freeze tomato juice and use them with your next cocktail. Just make sure the tomato juice you buy is free of MSG and aspartame or it’s a useless venture.