I’m sharing private lab results

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I found the most impressive blood test in my entire career! The results show where your antibodies (immune cells) go, and what organs they attack, almost as if you put a miniature camera in your body 🙂

My hubby took the simple autoimmune blood test last month. Call us crazy, but we’re publicly posting his results in the hopes that you will benefit from the same test.
Take a peek: Sam’s Array #5 Lab Results

As you can  686see, his own immune system has targeted his heart and adrenal glands for destruction. This explains his occasional cardiac arrhythmias and low body temperature. No one else has ever uncovered this! It’s priceless information that we’re thankful to have.

Now it’s your turn, antibodies are clues!
* If thyroid peroxidase is high, it could indicate Hashimoto’s 
* Myelin protein is associated with Multiple Sclerosis

* Antibodies to insulin or GAD65 are a clue to Type 1 Diabetes
* ASCA & ANCA may predict Crohn’s or Ulcerative colitis
What should you do right now? 

#1 Ask you physician if this lab is right for you to have run.

#2 Research yourself and learn more. One great way is to learn from The Autoimmune Summit here’s how:

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