Lab Tests You Can Buy Yourself – Delivered Right To Your Home

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Suzy-Cohen-1_2Dear Readers,

Are you worried about your teen being on drugs?  Do you think your spouse had a drink and lied to you?  Are you trying to conceive a baby and curious to know when you’re ovulating? Testing for all of this is now possible at home. There are dozens of tests to choose from, search the Internet. Here are just a few home test kits that I found which do not require prescription. They are sold both online and at many pharmacies:

A1C Now Self Check (Bayer)- This test can measure your blood sugar average over two to three months. Do a fingerstick to get a sample of blood and results are provided within five minutes.

Identigene DNA Paternity Check- Worried about whether or not the child in your home is yours? This information impacts your life. Get peace of mind (either way) with this test which requires a cheek swab for the sample.

At Home Steroid Test- This test is great if you’re concerned that a loved one may be under the influence of steroids. This kit tests for the top 11 most abused steroids, and the results specify which steroids are present and in what concentrations. All it requires is a urine sample. Results provided in about 5 days.

Intelligender Gender Prediction Test- This at home test can predict the gender of your baby, as early as 10 weeks into the pregnancy. It requires a urine sample, and results are apparent within minutes. Reviews for this product are mixed; consider it more of a fun pre-sonogram activity rather than a medical result.

Fertile-Focus Ovulation Microscope- This helps to predicts when a woman is most fertile and therefore, the best chance of getting pregnant. It requires saliva. Also consider the OvaCue Fertility Monitor, one of the most advanced predictors available today.

SpermCheck Fertility- This test kit measures sperm count in males with fertility issues. Results provided within 30 minutes. In 7 minutes, the kit provides either a positive or negative result which correlates to normal or low sperm count.

Complete Cholesterol Test- This lab report includes total cholesterol, HDL and LDL cholesterol levels, and triglyceride levels. The test requires a few drops of blood, which are then sent to a certified laboratory for analysis. Results mailed to you within 5 days.

Thyroid Test (TSH)- This test measures your TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) levels so it can screen you to determine if you have an overactive or underactive thyroid problem. A fingerstick blood sample is required, sent to a laboratory, and results come back within a week.

At Home Drug Test by Pharmatech- Remind your teen that you have his/her welfare in  mind with a random test. The kit sold nationwide at pharmacies and measures most drugs (marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines) but not nicotine. It requires a urine sample.