Male Hormones Help Improve Female Sex Drive

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Suzy-Cohen-1Dear Pharmacist,
My husband thinks I’m not in love with him anymore. I do love him, I just don’t feel like having sex anymore. I’m 51 years old. Any suggestions?
J.S., Cullowhee, North Carolina
Answer: You are not alone. Men and women both experience the wrath of declining sex hormones as they age. When this happens to women, they get more excited about vacuuming than having sex. Researchers have found that they can put the oomph back into a women’s sex life by giving her some testosterone. Yes, you heard that right. The male hormone, testosterone, makes women lustful just like it does men. Forms of testosterone can be prescribed by your doctor.  Some doctors use a combination of synthetic estrogen and testosterone called “Estratest.”  Also, testosterone can be prescribed in a gel that gets applied to the skin called “Androgel.”  Pharmacies that compound can make a very pure, natural form of testosterone, all your doctor has to do is call it in.  Testosterone replacement is key to fixing sex drive in both men and women.
It may get easier too.  There’s an over-the-counter option called DHEA, which is a powerful hormone.  The DHEA undergoes a conversion in the body and boosts hormone levels of all sort, one of which might be testosterone.   It’s OTC but I still feel that this is something you want to get your doctor’s approval on.  While these products can give you the hots for your hubby, they do have side effects. If you sprout facial hair, develop acne or feel cranky, you’re probably getting too much testosterone. Always consult your physician about adding new medicine or supplements to your regimen. There’s a lot more about boosting sex drive for men and women in my book, The 24-Hour Pharmacist. When you buy that, turn to the chapter called, “When He Wants Viagra and You Want a Valium.”