More Support for Candida Sufferers Part 3

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This column is the third (and final) in the series I promised you for the subject of yeast overgrowth (Candida albicans) which can cause many diseases. Thousands of you have written and although there were many good queries, here are the two most frequently asked questions I received, along with my answer.

What are Candida die-off symptoms and how can I minimize the discomfort? Candida die-off is also known as the Herxheimer reaction. As large amounts of yeast die, the organism dumps it’s toxic contents into your system, thereby overloading your detoxification pathways. This causes some pretty challenging symptoms including brain fog, intense sugar cravings, fatigue, headache, joint and muscle soreness, gas/diarrhea, blurry vision, irrational anger or flu-like symptoms. Itchy, irritated, inflamed skin is quite common and maddening. One of the most comprehensive formulas I have found is Dr. Ohhira’s Propolis Plus which contains Brazilian propolis (bees make it) along with flax oil, prebiotics, probiotics, vitamin E and a powerful body-cleanser called astaxanthin. The combination can be soothing for anyone with irritated skin.

Enzymes that help break down the yeast and rid the body of toxic by-products can be enormously helpful for individuals experiencing Candida infection and/or die-off reactions. The formula that I recommend for this is Enzymedica’s Candidase which is sold at health food stores nationwide. It contains cellulase which is an enzyme the body needs (and does not make) which kills yeast by destroying the cell wall, composed of cellulose. Candidase also contains protease, known worldwide to support the body’s healing process by getting rid of yeast and immune complexes which cause illness and inflammation.

What foods should I avoid and how should I eat?
-Anything with sugar, because sugar is food to fungus.
-Anything made with yeast such as bread, muffins, pastries, etc.
-All grains and starches (at least at the outset of your diet) such as pasta, rice, corn, wheat, quinoa, amaranth, millet, buckwheat, oats and barley.

I recommend the diet plan outlined by one of the world’s leading authorities on fungus, Doug A. Kaufmann, who wrote eight books on it! He’s also the host of one of the most popular holistic health shows in America, “Know the Cause.” Doug has researched the subject of fungus-induced disease and mycotoxins for decades and helped millions of people get back to health so I always tell people to follow his Phase One diet plan explained in The Fungus Link and eat recipes in the book, Cooking Your Way to Good Health. There are free recipes and television programs about Candida archived at his website, Check out and for more healthy recipes try Candida Albican Yeast-Free Cookbook by Pat Connolly.

Did You Know?
United States health officials are warning doctors and patients about Lamictal, a drug used to treat bipolar and seizure disorders. Apparently, there is some evidence that suggests it may cause aseptic meningitis.