Searching for Treatment Options? Try a Health Resource Service

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Suzy-Cohen-1Dear Pharmacist,
I’m tired and confused about my condition, which I’ve been dealing with for 6 years. After consulting numerous doctors, and taking many different drugs, I feel like I’m on a merry-go-round and wish I could get some guidance without paying an arm and a leg. Where can I learn more?     S.R., Decatur, Illinois
Answer: If you’re uncertain about the next step to take, or want more treatment options, contact a health resource service. Most people don’t know about these comprehensive services. In some cases, you just answer some questions about yourself and the service sends you a report regarding potential treatment options, drug therapies, procedures and doctors who can help you. You can share this report with anyone.
Health resource services are invaluable, and for people with rare conditions, infections and cancer, they could make the difference between life and death. Anyone can take advantage of these resources, even those of you with common conditions like PMS, high blood pressure, heart disease, back pain, headache…anything!
Some services are free, providing search engines so you can dig up basic information (for example or Other health resources require a fee (which varies) but provide personalized, detailed reports that include both conventional and complimentary options. One terrific resource for impressive and individualized reports is The Health Resource:
Knowledge is power, so if you have a health setback, don’t step back but find a way to make a comeback! The American Holistic Health Association posts a list of health resources on its Web site:
Browse the site to find the perfect resource for your needs, whether conventional, alternative, or mixed. Click “Resource and Referral Lists” on the home page, then “Health Information Search Services.”