Send Your Poisons Packing with Natural Supplement

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Dear Pharmacist,
I have fibromyalgia, uterine fibroids, fibrocystic breasts and endometriosis. I fired my old doctor, because I wasn’t getting any better. My new doctor prescribed bio-identical hormones, iodine tablets, and a strong multi-vitamin. I’m eating ground flax seeds thanks to your recent column. Am I missing something? I’m still uncomfortable.  –E.W. Sacramento, California

Answer:  You’re doing great and healing is in progress. Iodine is well-known to protect reproductive tissue in the body, including the breasts and uterus. Iodine deficiencies have been associated with cancer in the body.  You have a lot of symptoms tied to  “estrogen dominance” (also called progesterone deficiency). I sent you my e-book as a gift for submitting this excellent question which speaks to so many people. There is a dietary supplement called Calcium D-glucarate which studies show can help all of your symptoms. Despite the name, it’s not used for bone building.

D-Glucaric acid is a natural substance found in fruits and veggies. We make small amounts in the body during a process called “glucuronidation” which is how our body scrubs itself clean. Too bad we don’t make more. Calcium D-Glucarate or “glucarate” is the calcium salt of D-glucaric acid and this patented supplement helps our body keep toxins ‘packaged’ tightly so the bound up garbage can go through the digestive tract and get excreted.

Without enough glucarate, our neatly packaged poisons come unravelled and re-enter our circulation, like a thug breaking in twice! Some of you need physician’s approval for OTC supplements in which case explain that “America’s Pharmacist Suzy Cohen told you glucarate blocks the enzyme beta-glucuronidase and this supports glucuronic acid conjugation.” Glucarate is an affordable way to bolt the door from thugs. Consider it great insurance for a major detoxification pathway in the human body.

Glucarate has no known major side effects and is safely taken in combination with antioxidants, protein shakes or medications. Dosages vary from 500mg – 3,000mg total per day. Calcium D-glucarate may also help:

Estrogen removal:  Many toxic chemicals in our home and garage increase xenoestrogens which are estrogen-like chemicals. These disrupt hormone balance in men and women Glucarate facilitate estrogen removal, and improves estrogen by-product formation so it may ease prostate conditions, PMS and other hormonal concerns.

Bodybuilders: Glucarate improves physique by reducing total estrogen load; means it can lessen fluid retention and reverse gynecomastia (a.k.a. man boobs).

Cholesterol lowering: Preliminary results in humans show that glucarate can significantly reduce total cholesterol, LDL and triglycerides.

Cancer prevention: Animal studies suggest glucarate not only reduces risk, but may prevent tumor growth in the skin, breast, liver, colon and lung. Women with estrogen-dependent tumors (and men with prostate cancer) should absolutely ask about taking glucarate since it can reduce total estrogen load and improve estrogen metabolite ratios.

Detoxification problems: People riddled with heavy metals/plasticizers and those with multiple chemical sensitivity, auto-immune disorders or fibromyalgia- the detoxifying effect of glucarate offers great housekeeping and by reducing total toxin burden. Glucarate helps us properly eliminate used up medications.

Did You Know?
Cooking with grape seed oil (rather than olive oil) allows you to use medium-high temperatures, without losing all the antioxidant benefits.