Spring Cleaning for Your Body

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American’s are plagued with chronic fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, headaches, insomnia, nerve pain and many other painful, chronic illnesses. As you know, I love to share unique products with you. The less medicine we have to take the better in my opinion. So I’m about to tell you about a product that can help you get rid of dangerous chemicals that are stuck in your body and causing disease or discomfort. You can eliminate many toxins with a safe, inexpensive formula that is sold over-the-counter.

When I first heard about PectaSol Chelation Complex or PCC, I didn’t consider it for myself right away because I’m only 44, and I feel great.  Those of you who read my syndicated column and books know that I’m a health nut. But I’m also a researcher, and when I delved deeper into the literature, I learned that the human body is loaded with all sorts of pollutants.  Hundreds of studies have been conducted, and they all find toxins in the human body. Scientists have detected household cleansers, pesticides, heavy metals, artificial dyes, MSG, artificial sweeteners, antibiotics, dioxins, automobile exhaust, lead, mercury, PCBs, phthalates and hundreds of killer chemicals.

They are stuck in your cells, organs or bloodstream and they have the potential to cause all sorts of annoying problems including diabetes, weight gain, thyroid problems, breast or prostate cancer, inflammation, auto-immune disorders, nerve pain, headaches and neurological tics. The over-the-counter supplement PCC can assist your body in getting rid of these chemicals. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. This has to be one of the most powerful chelating agents that I’ve ever come across.  I recommend this product to you with a lot of confidence and trying it certainly beats getting on a merry-go-round of medications.

How could it benefit YOU?
PCC is an all-around systemic supplement that has far-reaching effects because when you clean the body up of toxins and metals, every organ system runs more efficiently.
Some of the feedback I’ve gotten is that:

*It increased energy
*It improved memory and my ability to focus
*My hair and nails grew faster and stronger
*It relieved my arthritis and made getting up in the morning easier
*My constipation has improved
*I sleep better
*My cholesterol ratios have improved
*My blood pressure is lower
*My morning blood sugars are in range
*I’m more alert and I’ve started exercising again

What’s in PCC that makes it work so well?
PCC contains modified citrus pectin which comes from the white pith of lemons, oranges and grapefruit peels and it’s combined with alginate a potent seaweed-derived extract that neutralizes toxins. Citrus itself is a powerful immune booster and best known for its ability to rev up the immune system and fight the common cold, the flu and cancer. Studies show PectaSol Chelation Complex gets rid of about 74 percent of dangerous heavy metals.

It contains a grapefruit extract, does this mean it will interact with my medicine?
No, PCC does not contain the extract in grapefruit that is known to interact with medicine.

Can I take my other supplements? And also, since PCC grabs (chelates) metals from the body, will it steal my calcium or other important minerals and weaken my bones?
Yes, you can take any other supplement or medication, just separate administration by 2 or more hours away from the PCC. PCC can selectively eliminate arsenic, mercury, cadmium and lead, but it will not deplete your zinc, magnesium or cadmium the way that other chelating products do.  This research was published in 2006 in a peer-reviewed journal. To be sure, just supplement with a trace mineral supplement several times a week.  These are sold nationwide at health food stores.

Do you recommend other formulas that contain citrus rind, there are many brands sold over-the-counter?
No. The primary reason is that PCC is the only chelator of its kind to be clinically proven to remove heavy metals and dangerous toxins from the body. The proof is in the research. You can access these studies by CLICKING HERE. Also, PCC is carefully designed to blend the right amount of modified citrus pectin, in a way that allows it to penetrate tough-to-reach tissues and cells. It is combined with alginates to work in synergy and become more effective than either citrus rind or alginates alone. This offers the body even more detoxifying properties. The product is so innovative, that there are two patents held on it, Patent #6,462,029 and #7,026,302.

Adults: Take 3 capsules twice daily, on an empty stomach. This means a half an hour before a meal or two hours after.
Maintenance or for children under 12: Take 1 capsule twice daily.

Where can I buy it?
I always recommend getting the original products (not copycats) and you can buy the patented formula directly from the makers, EcoNugenics by calling them (800-308-5518 ) or visiting their website, www.econugenics.com. I’ve arranged a special discount for my readers of 10 percent, or buy 3, get 1 bottle free. You can call Econugenics toll free at 800-308-5518 for more information about PCC, or order directly from them.  You can also buy it online by CLICKING HERE.

* Some health food stores carry PCC or they can get it in stock for you if you are willing to wait.
* Physicians and oncologists who wish to carry this product in your clinic, contact the national sales manager by CLICKING HERE.