Thyroid Problems: Identifying and Avoiding 9 Critical Toxins

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Having dealt with thyroid problems many years ago, I think it would be great to share what I learned with you. Before I list the 9 toxins you may be exposing yourself to, I’d like to show you what the symptoms are because many times people don’t even know they have this issue! The symptoms may run under the radar!

Hypothyroidism Symptoms

Here is a vital guide I’ve crafted from years of research, personal insight, and professional experience. In the journey toward thyroid wellness, understanding the subtle nuances of our daily choices becomes crucial. Today, we will be delving deep into a 9-step strategy designed to minimize histamine levels, toxic exposures, peroxide and more.

My goal is to help you alleviate the symptoms of hypothyroidism, where that is due to Hashimoto’s thyroiditis or something else. My article below will also help people with other autoimmune conditions. Each step is a building block toward a healthier, more vibrant you. Let’s embark on this journey together, exploring not just the ‘what,’ but the ‘why’ behind each recommendation.

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Vaping Can Cause Thyroid Problems

1. Escape from Second-Hand Smoke and E-Cigarettes: The toxins in tobacco smoke, including nicotine, are “thyroid bombs” that can skew thyroid hormone levels, masking underlying conditions. Nicotine impacts the delicate balance of serum TSH, Free T4, and Free T3 levels, complicating the diagnosis and management of thyroid disease. Avoiding these exposures protects your thyroid and ensures a clearer path to accurate diagnosis and treatment.

new car

New Cars Off-Gas Bromine

2. Choose Older Vehicles Over Brand New: The allure of a brand-new car comes with a hidden cost – the emission of bromide from off-gassing materials. Bromide directly competes with iodine, a crucial element for thyroid hormone production, leading to potential hypothyroidism. By selecting older vehicles, you reduce your exposure to these harmful gases, safeguarding your thyroid health and avoiding symptoms like brain fog and weight changes.

Even this PAPER from the Journal of Clinical Pathology states in the conclusion that bromine could have “an increase in plasma TSH concentration, probably as a consequence of a minor inhibitory effect on thyroid activity.

Cellular Peroxide is a Thyroid Problem

Catalase Neutralizes Peroxide
Catalase neutralizes peroxide

3. Limit Hydrogen Peroxide Exposure: Our bodies produce hydrogen peroxide, but in excess, it becomes a harmful oxidizer, contributing to pain, fatigue, and even premature graying. You make catalase in your liver, so you don’t need to buy it as a supplement, however it is something I carry, and it is popular as an antioxidant.*

By incorporating supplements like CATALASE and glutathione, the peroxide compound is neutralized, promoting healthier skin, shiny colorful hair, and overall antioxidant health due to reduced reactive oxygen species being formed.* This catalase approach also offers potential relief from autoimmune-driven conditions by reducing oxidative stress.

We just have to hope you make enough in your liver, and if not, consider a supplement (there’s no way to test). They say looking in the mirror is one way –> are you starting to ‘rust’ and lose hair vibrancy? 

4. Be Cautious with Swimming Pools and Jacuzzis: Chlorine in pools and jacuzzis compete with iodine for uptake by the thyroid gland, risking iodine deficiency and subsequent thyroid hormone production issues. A simple preventive measure like taking an iodine supplement can help maintain your iodine levels, keeping your thyroid function in check even as you enjoy your swim.

Chlorinated Pool Happy Family

Toothpaste Might Add to a Thyroid Problem

5. Switch to Fluoride-Free Toothpaste: Like chlorine and bromine, fluoride competes with iodine at the thyroid gland, potentially inhibiting thyroid hormone production. Opting for fluoride-free toothpaste reduces this risk, ensuring that your thyroid can properly utilize iodine and maintain hormone balance.

6. Pause Fermented Foods Consumption: Though beneficial in moderation, fermented foods can prompt excessive histamine release or contain high histamine levels themselves, triggering autoimmune symptoms. Steering clear of these foods temporarily can help manage histamine levels and reduce autoimmune flare-ups, especially in susceptible individuals.

7. Eliminate Candy and Soda from Your Diet: The high sugar content in candy and soda leads to blood sugar and insulin imbalances, which can exacerbate autoimmune conditions and contribute to a cycle of fatigue and weight gain. Cutting out these sweets supports hormonal balance and reduces the risk of associated health issues.


8. Minimize Goitrogenic Foods and Beverages: Goitrogens, found in certain raw vegetables and superfood powders, can interfere with iodine absorption and thyroid function. Cooking these foods or choosing goitrogen-free alternatives, like my Thyroid Greens, helps maintain iodine levels and supports thyroid and reproductive health.

9. Prioritize Food Digestion: Inadequate digestion leads to partial breakdown of food, stressing the immune system and potentially triggering autoimmune responses.

Supplementing with digestive enzymes like pancreatin, pepsin, and bromelain ensures complete digestion, reducing the risk of autoimmune reactions. You might be interested to know there is a complete set of digestive enzymes in my patented formula HashiScript® which promotes healthy thyroid function, TPO levels and immune balancing.*


Embarking on a wellness journey requires a multifaceted approach, where even the smallest lifestyle changes can make a significant difference. This 9-step guide should empower you with the knowledge to make informed decisions that support your thyroid health and manage autoimmune conditions more effectively.

Remember, the path to wellness is not just about the steps you take but understanding the ‘why’ behind each one. Together, let’s embrace a lifestyle that nurtures our bodies, minds, and spirits.