Top 11 Thyroid Supplements for Hypothyroidism – A Buyer’s Guide

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Your thyroid gland is a fat-burning switch in the body. The following thyroid supplements are part of a collection that will help you feel and look your best, even if things have been ‘off’ for a long time. Don’t worry, there is hope. 

You may not know you have a thyroid issue until one day you feel a golf-sized bulge in your neck, or you realize you’re face-down fatigued and cold all the time. Some people see their hair going down the drain a lot and have lost the outer edges of their eyebrows. These, and many other symptoms are common among people with hypothyroidism. 

Approximately 20% of adolescents and adults (age 12 and older) have some form of hypothyroidism. Some cases are so mild, it’s never even thought of. For that matter, some symptoms are so unusual, that the doctor never ties it together to your thyroid, nor does he/she prescribe thyroid medication or thyroid supplements. 

Like OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) or bipolar… these illnesses could be due to erratic or low thyroid hormone production. It’s also hard for doctors who have a patient with depression and poor concentration in their office to think of thyroid – they usually diagnose them with a psychiatric illness. That’s unfortunate because there is actually a big study that proved natural thyroid hormone medication works better than prescribed antidepressants.

Headaches - Hypothyroidism Symptoms

That’s because there are well-documented, and well-studied vitamins, herbs, and minerals that have the ability to optimize human metabolism by increasing thermogenesis, improving thyroid hormone production AND activation, and maintaining healthy antibody levels.*  When you do this, you start to feel yourself again! 

1. Thyroid Script™ is a powerful thyroid supplement

This is probably my #1 bestselling supplement for typical concerns about thyroid structure and function. I’ve listed it first as the first thyroid supplement. It is based upon the nutrients and herbs that I bought one at a time long ago, the ones that brought me back to life! After I got well, I wrote a BOOK on THYROID and made this supplement my flagship product. 

Upon launching, it sold out in a week or two, and then we were back-ordered for months! So now, I order a lot more so we rarely ever run out. Thyroid Script also supports adrenal health because the thyroid and adrenal glands are connected via the superhighway in your body called the HPA axis.  That stands for the Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal (HPA) axis, which is a very complex neuroendocrine process that manages (kind of referees) the effects of stressors that you encounter. It does so by regulating how fast your metabolism is, your immune response to antigens, and other autonomic responses. 

You may have read reviews about Thyroid Script – Some people enjoy more restorative sleep due to the ashwagandha in the formula. I discuss that below in #8 if you want to read about that specific herbal extract.

The exceptional blend contains natural thyroid-loving herbs vitamins and enzymes that represent a scientific breakthrough for proper thyroid and adrenal function. Nothing like this formula exists on the market. It is my flagship thyroid supplement. Thyroid Script can improve food metabolism, adrenal hormone function, thyroid (T3) activation, and sleep/circadian rhythm restoration.  All nutrients are provided in their body-ready form where possible.

Vitamin D rich foods
Vitamin D rich foods

2. Vitamin D3 is for autoimmunity

A plant-based source of Vitamin D3 which protects the bones and teeth which may be deficient in calcium, often seen in hypothyroid patients. Further, studies indicate that patients with Vitamin D deficiency suffered more with the degree and severity of hypothyroidism. You don’t think of Vitamin D as a “thyroid supplement” because it is more of an immune supplement. It supports immune function, T helper cells, Natural Killer cells, and also adaptive immunity.

Furthermore, Vitamin D3 is known for its ability to help with xbones, so again, this isn’t a thyroid supplement in the sense of the word. But it can do wonders for people with autoimmune-driven thyroid illnesses… or any autoimmune issue (unrelated to the thyroid).

3. Yummy Greens formerly known as Thyroid Greens – it’s a thyroid supplement without goitrogens

A plant-based source of superfood fruits and vegetables that does NOT include goitrogens which suppress iodine uptake and thyroid hormone production. This innovative formula is the first (and only) superfood drink mix created and patented specifically for thyroid sufferers. It is intended for energy, detoxification, improved intestinal health, and fast-growing hair and nails. It tastes delicious with a mixed berry flavor.

This formula contains a special probiotic that resists stomach acid, which means you may enjoy improved gut health and digestion. The main ingredients include an assortment of natural fruits, vegetables, and sea lettuce – all designed with your thyroid in mind! People love the changes in their body after using this for just even one week! Mix it in water, or juice and drink it daily (in the morning).

4. HashiScript® Capsules – a thyroid supplement that supports immune function too*

This is an immune-balancing product that is patented and blends 2 forms of glutathione. One form is for your body, and the other form of glutathione is for your brain specifically. This means HashiScript is great for brain fog, energy, and overall immunity.* HashiScript® is for thyroid and and immune function. It is also available on AMAZON in case you like to shop on that platform.

Hashimotos Thyroiditis

The Setria® glutathione in this formula has been shown to increase Natural Killer cell activity two-fold.* Protease enzymes are present for digestion and make a noticeable difference within a month. The suggested use is to take 2 capsules per day in the morning or afternoon (but not too late in the day) to promote healthy thyroid function and maintain already healthy levels of TPO antibodies.*

TPO antibody levels in a condition called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, which is an autoimmune condition. It causes erratic levels of high, then low, then high thyroid hormones which continue to swing until the thyroid gland is virtually destroyed, at which point the person has hypothyroidism.

5. Iodine is a powerful thyroid supplement that increases T4

Required for thyroid hormone production. This formula contains both the reproductive form of iodine and the thyroid-loving form of iodine. In other words, it is a premier formula because it contains both iodine and iodide, which is how the body requires iodine. 

Capsules are easy-to-swallow and gentle on the tummy. Symptoms of low iodine include fatigue, thyroid gland swelling, a visible lump (goiter), trouble concentrating, feeling colder than normal, bradycardia, dry skin, hair loss and weight gain. You can get it HERE on Amazon.

6. Iron helps anemia but it’s not exactly a “thyroid supplement” per se

I do not sell iron, but I can tell you that an iron deficiency is sometimes part of thyroid illness, and if you suspect you have hypothyroidism, take a blood test to determine your iron and ferritin status. 

If you decide to take iron as a dietary supplement, there are many good brands and I’d recommend a “chelated” iron supplement, for example, ferrous bisglycinate. 

While iron is always going to irritate the stomach lining, the chelated forms are gentler. I’d say only take it for 30 to maybe 60 days and see how you do, remeasuring your iron and ferritin approximately 90 days after you have stopped.

When I was anemic (and I was severely anemic with a ferritin of 8), I used betaine (it’s an acid supplement) and took that with my meals to increase my ability to absorb iron naturally. I did it that way because I could not tolerate iron supplementation for some reason. 

7. Selenium supports TPO Antibodies in thyroid-affected patients


Important for autoimmunity balance in the body. Selenium has been researched and found to impact the levels of TPO antibodies, as well thyroid hormone conversion – a key in getting well if you’ve been ill for many years. 

Here is a PAPER that discusses the general role of selenium in thyroid health. You can see why people consider this one of two primary minerals (iodine being the other one) that work specifically as thyroid supplements. 

Priming the body by taking selenium for a few weeks (before introducing iodine supplements) seems to cut down on iodine-related reactions. 

Symptoms of low selenium include depression, muscle weakness, anxiety, confusion and infertility, hair loss, and a weakened immune state. Most inferior forms contain a type of selenium that is hard on the gut, and poorly absorbed, but this form of selenomethionine is the type of selenium that works optimally. Each capsule contains 200 mcg.  

8. Ashwagandha is the best-known thyroid supplement

You can buy this at any health food store nationwide, and it is a well-documented thyroid-loving herbal product. So profound is its benefit to the thyroid gland that it can help increase thyroid hormone synthesis, provide antioxidant protection, and improve thyroid hormone activation. 

It appears to help with memory, weight management, muscle strength, testosterone/libido, and cardiovascular health. As a side effect, ashwagandha induces relaxation which explains why people sometimes want to take this at night. I put a high-quality, patented brand called KSM-66® ashwagandha in my Thyroid Script which is discussed above. 

The reason I chose this special type is that it is standardized to the ideal potency for your thyroid, it’s non GMO, and is not stuffed with fillers.

I’m not discounting other brands, there are definitely other quality brands, but I’m sharing why I personally chose KSM-66® and used it in my FORMULA.  It is the single most clinically studied ashwagandha on the market! That means it’s been used in human (and animal model). Here’s one double-blind STUDY regarding sexual function in women. Here’s another study on MEMORY and COGNITION where this type of ashwagandha was studied. 

It’s been found to boost energy and recovery, promote restful sleep and help with anxious feelings and mood concerns. You can read about this ashwagandha on KSM’s website

mullein tea
Recipe Mullein Elderberry Tea

9. Mullein Root is an anti-inflammatory thyroid supplement

I wrote an ARTICLE  about the 7 benefits of mullein root. This is an herb that works better in tandem with other things, not by itself. It’s not known as a thyroid supplement per se, but I’m including it because it has some anti-inflammatory benefits and if you have swelling in the neck (ie a goiter or swollen thyroid), this may be of interest. 

Of course, I need you to understand that self-treatment for something like that is NOT smart, and mullein is not the answer, you need a physician to evaluate yourself. But my point is, once you are properly treated by your endocrinologist, you can ask if a little mullein tea is good for you, or even a supplement that contains it. (I have put this in my Thyroid Script). 

10. Digestive Enzymes are NOT thyroid supplements, but they can still help

Gluten and casein are proteins that naturally occur in bread and milk, respectively. These proteins are considered problematic for some people, especially in autoimmune conditions like Hashimoto’s disease or Graves’ disease. 

So a diet that excludes gluten and dairy foods is ideal, but difficult for people. I know it because I live it! The reality is that most of us simply don’t want to give up pizza, pasta, bread, cheese, ice cream, yogurt and other goodies! It’s really, really hard especially if you don’t feel well! 

If you were to take a digestive enzyme each day, it *might* help a little bit. Just look at the name “digestive enzyme” that’s exactly what it does… it’s an enzyme that “digests” your food and turns large food proteins (that trigger allergies) into smaller ones that are easily digestible. 

The reason is that digestive enzymes help with thyroid conditions is because sometimes the autoimmune types (ie Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and Graves’ disease) are driven in part by dietary proteins like gluten and casein. So reducing the impact of that burden can only help. I put digestive enzyme in HashiScript Thyroid & Immune Caps.

Digestive enzymes assist your body in the break down of food proteins into smaller ‘parts’ so that they are a bit less disturbing to your system. They may still cause allergenicity, but the full brunt of it gets averted. A million proteins in your bloodstream are better than a bazillion. It’s kind of like that, and with every meal! Ideally, the diet would be changed to eliminate problematic food proteins, and this is often critical for people with autoimmune disorders. I recommend a keto diet, or even keto-carnivore, or paleo.   

It shouldn’t hurt to take a supplement like this. If it does, then you should stop! Anyone with GI problems should consider a digestive enzyme. Try a few brands before giving up, they are not all alike. Browse the aisles of your favorite local health food store, or look online at your favorite e-tailer and read the reviews for digestive enzyme supplements.  

I actually put a blend of several digestive enzymes in my bestselling HashiScript® which is a targeted formula I custom-made specifically for thyroid-immune concerns.* (NOTE: I can’t name diseases here). HashiScript supports thyroid glandular structure and function.* It supports immune function as well.* 

HashiScript vs Thyroid Script

HashiScript contains DPP-IV for gluten and casein, proteolytic enzymes, pepsin and 2 forms of glutathione! LEARN MORE. 

You don’t have to buy my formula, you can certainly shop anywhere, and purchase whatever you think is the best overall formula for your own needs. You can ask a holistic-minded physician how they feel about a few different supplements that your noodling! Let him or her pick for you if you’d like. 

If you already know you want one, there are about a dozen great brands for digestive enzymes (that have nothing to do with thyroid), and one of my favorites is Digest Gold®. This is a general all-around good digestive enzyme. I used to visit their booth when I went to trade shows and their scientific team is remarkable. 

You are looking for something on the label that states “protease” or “proteolytic enzymes,” or “DPP-IV protease.” If you take a digestive enzyme supplement, you should not combine that with HashiScript because you are duplicating effects and may experience tummy upset or diarrhea from the combination of excessive digestive enzymes from both products.

11. Catalase is a thyroid supplement

I will have to write a blog devoted to this specific enzyme, but here I will briefly tell you that CATALASE is an enzyme. It’s also sold as a dietary supplement but only seems to work if it gets passed your stomach acid. 

That’s why my formula is encapsulated in DR® acid-resistant veggie caps. Anyway, the catalase gene/enzyme is targeted sometimes in people who have an autoimmune disease. It’s targeted for destruction. All humans have a CAT gene and make catalase although people with albinism may have a genetic polymorphism tied to this gene or enzymes like tyrosinase or hydroperoxidase.

Catalase is a thyroid supplement that neutralizes peroxide
Catalase neutralizes peroxide

Studies on people with rheumatoid and lupus (and Hashi’s) find that there is an overproduction of peroxide which means there is insufficient catalase enzyme activity in the body. People with autoimmune conditions often use up their own stores of Catalase quickly! 

When this balance – this see-saw –  of catalase to peroxide occurs, there is a natural greying to the body, or rusting that takes place. It could be subtle, which is why catalase supplementation is last on the list, but still critical for some people. It’s not a “thyroid supplement” like the way you think of iodine, selenium or ashwagandha, for example, it’s more of an adjunctive antioxidant. 

It doesn’t cure, treat or prevent thyroid disease, in fact, nothing on this page does!

Catalase may be taken with medications and/or other thyroid supplements for the sole purpose of neutralizing peroxide, which we know is a loose cannon in the body! Catalase has one job, it breaks down peroxide. You want that because peroxide is a highly reactive toxin in the body. So catalase brings law and order to the cell where mayhem is occurring from excessive peroxide (which is a cellular by-product). 

You may think you don’t make this because you don’t have grey hair, but that isn’t the case, people with normal, shiny hair may still have catalase deficiency as expressed by feeling gloomy, and having aches and pains. In case you are researching this later on your own, the other compound we make in our liver (aside from catalase) that helps with peroxide breakdown is called superoxide dismutase or S.O.D. 

If you’re interested in more scientific literature regarding the connection between catalase and thyroid, read this article on PUBMED. It was published in 2020, and discusses the connection to oxidative stress and immunity in patients with Graves’ disease, an autoimmune thyroid condition. 

A final word about all these thyroid supplements

I’ve discussed a lot of nutrients here, in terms of their ability to work as a “thyroid supplement,” and they are the best ones on the market.  If you have a quick general question, feel free to EMAIL ME. If you would like more information about thyroid health, I have a free resource for you too. Click on the picture below to receive your own copy of “Hashimoto’s Food Guide to Getting Well!.”

Before taking hypothyroidism supplements, always ask your practitioner if they’re right for you (even if they’re over-the-counter) because there could be an increase in thyroid hormone leading to side effects if you take prescribed medications.