Understanding Pancreatitis and Pancreatic Cancer

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“Dear Pharmacist,

I’ve been very sick with pancreatitis. Do you have any treatment regimens or vitamin recommendations that could stop this problem?”

–J.M., Tulsa, Oklahoma

Answer: I believe so, but it stuns me that most people reading today’s column aren’t interested in pancreatitis. They think it won’t ever happen to them but the sad reality is there are a few things on pretty much every one’s lunch and dinner table nowadays, that dramatically increases the risk for pancreatic problems and digestive disorders. If you don’t know anyone with pancreatic problems, think again. Diabetes and even certain digestive problems are huge clues that your pancreas needs help.

I assume you are seeing a specialist, as pancreatitis is not something you should self treat. For most people, you hardly realize you even have a pancreas until it gets overworked, which isn’t hard to do with the standard American diet, and overgrowth of micro-organisms in the gut. The pancreas just quietly and goes about its business of secreting essential hormones to help you digest your food. Once inflamed, termed ‘pancreatitis’ the pancreatic enzymes literally start digesting the pancreas itself.

This causes pancreatic insufficiency, hallmarked by pale, bulky or malodorous stools, as well as undigested food/fat that is easily visible in the stool. It can cause incredible pain, usually left-sided or radiating to the back. A diet of processed foods and high-fat or fried foods can increase your risk for pancreatic complications. So can certain popular medications known to harm the pancreas.

I’ve covered everything you about this in my ebook, Understanding Pancreatitis and Pancreatic Cancer which was just released in November, National Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. I’ve emailed you a free copy, but let me tell everyone else about it. It will shock most people to learn that a very popular, supposed healthy beverage is actually destroying your pancreas! Contrary to what some physicians say, I have researched and found natural dietary supplements (herbals) that eliminate, or at least reduce the intensity of pain. You will learn how eating one certain vegetable every day can support digestive health, and at the same lower blood pressure. I’ll teach you about two metabolic pathways that are hyperactive in people with cancer, and exactly which foods and supplements turn off these pathways.

Why would I spend 2 years to write a book that affects a small percentage of people? Because pancreatitis sufferers have so few options, the pain is disabling, and incidence is on the rise. My book is one-of-a-kind and prints out to 120 pages. It elaborates on dozens of natural dietary supplements including dandelion, chamomile, resveratrol, peppermint, glutamine, vitamin E and astaxanthin among others. I have worldwide readership, so there are herbal options from the Chinese and Ayurvedic perspective. I’m so proud of this ebook, it will help ease suffering, and hopefully, prevent some of you from getting it.

Understanding Pancreatitis and Pancreatic Cancer is now available for purchase on Kindles from Amazon.com, and from my website (SuzyCohen.com) as an ebook.

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