Collagen is Your Own Anti-Aging Compound

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For centuries people, especially women have been trying to solve the problem of looking youthful past middle age. It’s very difficult because after four or five decades, our face, skin, hair and nails really show the signs of aging. Our skin feels dry, hair gets finer or falls out and there’s an obvious loss in firmness and elasticity of the skin. The laugh lines and crow’s feet get deeper and deeper. Even the fingernails become weaker and break.

Of course, declining estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels cause the signs of aging to become more noticeable, however, hormones aren’t entirely it. The key to looking younger is having plump cells that retain moisture. Also, keeping the matrix underneath our skin intact rather than crumbling. You can do this if you have enough collagen and elastin.

The problems of an AGING face and body could be due to the dramatic reduction in collagen which happens as we age. Just like other declining hormones, the depletion of collagen is a normal part of aging. If you were to TAKE OFF all your skin and weigh it 80% of the weight would be collagen. That percentage goes down if you’re over 50.

As a culture, we’ve been led to believe that injections and fillers are the way to radiant soft skin, but those hurt, and their effect is only temporary. If a doctor botches you up, or you over do it, you look freaky.

Collagen is your own anti-aging compound and you make it.

Physically speaking, collagen photo shops you! You made a ton of it when you were younger. The most dramatic reduction happens in the first 5 years after menopause when we lose about 30% of our natural collagen stores. The decline continues over the years, although it’s more gradual.

One day you look in the mirror and you look older than you thought. And then when you get our bed in the morning, you feel pain and stiffness in your joints. That’s because collagen is in your cartilage, and when it’s depleted you feel the pain.

Unfortunately the pathway that creates collagen in the body slows down as we age causing your entire skin matrix to slip apart. This leads to dry, wrinkly skin, less suppleness and thinning hair. With depleted collagen you’re drying out. One way to think about it is the way meat dries out in a food dehydrator to form beef jerky.

There are a lot of supplements of collagen on the market and there are things you should know about first before trying it. You should be very cautious about the kind of collagen you buy because some aren’t the correct type.

Remember there are 5 types and they all work in different areas of your body. Some brands don’t get absorbed through your intestinal lining, and others don’t have healthy ratios of the amino acids. Collagen can be sourced from cows, pigs, birds, fish scales and more.

When restoring collagen, keep in mind you want tiny nano-sized particles so the little peptides can get into your cells. The reason for this is so that you can produce the collagen intracellulary. To make it you need certain peptides to make the collagen:

Collagen is strung together from 4 amino acids as follows:

  1. Glycine
  2. Proline
  3. Hydroxyproline
  4. Alanine

I have recently launched my own custom formula, and its patent pending in the United States, and it contains a specialized form of tiny collagen that is specifically studied for it’s effect on skin and beauty.* Watch this video below on how to use Collagen Beauty Powder™

Some people have an autoimmune condition that impacts their collagen pathways and collagen production. Collagen vascular diseases are those that affect connective tissue such as ligaments and muscles.

These conditions are either inherited or caused by your immune system attacking your own tissue as in the case of autoimmune rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, scleroderma, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, and temporal arteritis. Collagen supplementation for your skin or your joints does not cause these conditions, which again, are multi-factorial and related to your genetics and your immune function.

There are 5 different types of collagen, named Type I, II, III, IV and V.

Type II is what supports joint health and you will often find this in dietary supplements geared at flexibility and joint health. Type I and III are useful in terms of beautifying your skin, hair and nails.

All the studies are out there, and while they don’t all concur the testimonials about collagen are pretty impressive. Nowadays, you can supplement with collagen shots, powders, drinks and creams. These products are widely available at health food stores and online. The best-tasting collagen supplements (if taken orally) should be “hydrolyzed” and “agglomerated” which means that the protein has been processed and prepared in such a way that it is easily digestible and soluble in water or juice.

How does my formula compare to the various “mulit” collagens?

My formula is blended and made to support beauty optimization. That’s why it works so well. You see over 90% of your collagen (made by you) is Type I and III.  This is what’s in your skin, hair, nails and bone. The other 10% of the collagen inside of you is comprised of a combination of the rest of the Types In other words, only 10% of your collagen is Type II, IV and V.    So some of your questions to me have been about my formula and how it compares to “multi” collagens that include all 5 Types collagen.

My answer is that there’s nothing wrong with multi collagen formulas if you desire all 5 types. It is a comprehensive formula, but at the same time it is not targeted for any specific purpose. Similarly to a multi vitamin, multi collagens provide a little of everything for fundamental support.   But I’m just not offering anything like this because I only make targeted, exclusive formulas, very focused and strong. Some of my custom blends are patented. Maybe it’s the pharmacist in me… I only offer you formulas that are guaranteed to give you visible or measurable positive results, naturally, without any side effects.

Here are 5 differences between my formula and multi:

1. Collagen Beauty Powder is designed for people who want to focus on getting gorgeous hair, faster growing nails and lovelier skin. It’s targeted to help replenish the collagen that you make the most of. Again 90% of your collagen is Type I and Type III. 

2. The main reason I didn’t make a multi collagen is because I can’t wrap my head around the idea of combining different animal proteins. It’s like my meals… I will order a steak, or maybe a salmon, or perhaps pork chops, or scrambled eggs, or chicken… but I would never ask for all those to be blended together.

3. The multi collagen brands that I know of do not contain Verisol® Bioactive Collagen Peptides™ and that is one of the world’s leading brands of collagen that is clinically proven to work, reduce eye wrinkles and improve faster nail growth and more! Collagen that makes up hair, skin and nails is almost all Type I and Type III, so there wasn’t a need to put the other Types in there, it would have diluted the purpose of it which is to smooth out wrinkles and improve your natural beauty. That’s why I used Verisol collagen and gave you the full amount of 2.5 grams. For full transparency I will now CONNECT you to the collagen that I put into Collagen Beauty Powder, which I imported from Germany so you can see the studies and clinical trial results.

Have you ever seen a wrinkled cow?
Depending on the “multi” brand you buy, they provide a combination of fish scales (termed “marine derived), pig, chicken, eggshells, cow and/or bird. True, it offers you all the Types of collagen (and maybe you want that?) but I did not. I can imagine that it might be a very personal decision for each of you.
My formula engages ONLY one protein source: Bovine. The actual source is bovine hide (think leather if you want). Yes it is nonGMO, pasture-raised and hormone free.

4.  When you  take “multi” brands the scoop (ie the scoop size) is big to accommodate all the collagen. You usually need a lot to. It’s not very easy to mix or dissolve. Many people find the taste unpalatable, so it’s usually mixed with flavorings or sweeteners.

With my formula, it’s an agglomerated, hydrolyzed form which means the peptides are small, and you need just a little bit (slightly more than a teaspoon of powder) and it dissolves immediately.

5. Taste! There is none with my formula. You can stop worrying about if it’s “nasty” or “disgusting” now.  My formula is completely tasteless, you will LOVE it. I promise.

Hopefully this answers your questions. In summary, Multi sources of collagen powders are everywhere! Everyone is competing with everyone else, but they’re almost always the same exact formula if you compare. Nothing is customized for your needs. Some unscrupulous companies (usually overseas) sell raw materials (collagen protein) derived from scrap or dead animals!  A long time ago collagen was taken from aborted baby and used in topical collagens (as well as vaccines). You can’t trust every pretty label.

I didn’t mean to frighten anyone. Let me make this part clear: There are some reputable high-quality multi collagen brands sold in the US. They are just fine if you buy from a reputable source and company. Read the reviews.

As for beauty optimization and skin/hair and nail support, I doubt you can find anything more luxurious and powerful than my formula, which was designed specifically to make you pretty! I sourced the world’s most popular and potent form of beauty collagen called Verisol® Bioactive Collagen Peptides™ and included what they used in their clinical trials (2.5 grams of protein). 

One other question I was asked frequently during the launch was the nutritional facts. There are ZERO carbs in this, and it has 10 calories per serving. There is no sugar, lactose, wheat, dairy, gluten, eggs, eggshell, soy or corn.