Matcha Mango Smoothie

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1 1/2 cups milk (or light coconut milk, or any milk alternative)
1 teaspoon matcha green tea powder
2 cups frozen mango (alternatively, you can use peach)
2 cups fresh spinach, rinsed
1 cup plain yogurt or skyr
Optional: 1 tea fresh mint, or grated ginger if you prefer

Blend together in a NutriBullet® or blender to desired consistency. Add the amount of milk you like to achieve the consistency desired (start with 1 cup and add the other 1/2 cup if you would like). If you like a thicker smoothie, you can use less milk, or just add a frozen banana to it at the end. Consistency is very individual so mix it as you wish. The superfoods of coconut, matcha, mango and spinach are at the heart of the antioxidant nutrients this provides.