Nobody Likes Me

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I was eating lunch in Boulder today. I was slurping my vietnamese Pho at the table, and with a mouthful, I blurted to Sam that nobody likes me.

He made a shocked face and said, “WHY??? You have faithful readers, you constantly get letters expressing gratitude, your books are sold all over the world, your family loves you, even doctors from around the world compliment you and tune in…”

It fell on deaf ears. Over a mouthful of slimy rice noodles I replied, “Yeah but…

Pharmacists- Some don’t like me because I offer remedies from the ‘wrong side of the counter.’ One fellow pharmacist at a conference said outloud to my face: There are no health benefits to herbs Suzy, that’s WHY the FDA won’t approve them honey.

Here’s what I told him: For $40 you can buy all of my books on Amazon and learn what they failed to teach you in 6 years of pharmacy school!

Physicians- Some don’t like me, because the patient (you!) brings my column into your appointment, and begins to question doc. Most practitioners don’t research on a daily basis, finding it’s easier to tell patients I’m wrong.

Who Pays the Price for That?

Sam is chuckling because soup is dripping down my chin as I speak. How are you supposed to eat soup with chopsticks anyway?!

State organizations- I speak at international conventions, to physicians, pharmacists and consumer groups, yet in 25 years, I’ve never been invited by my own state pharmacy organization, or University (of Florida- hint, hint). I assume they don’t like me because I’m too attracted to good nutrition, exercise and Mother Nature’s medicine cabinet.

I’m feeling feisty. I’m pretty sure I accidentally spit on Sam’s napkin during that rant!

Retail pharmacies- I assume they don’t like me because I slow down productivity when customers take up the pharmacist’s time up asking about this so-called “drug mugging” effect. Hey, if retail pharmacies bought one copy of Drug Muggers for each store, side effects would diminish greatly. (Ahhh, but so would business).


In my naive world, if a pharmacy didn’t stock a particular supplement, they would send you to the health food store to get it. This reminds me of the movie, “Miracle on 34th Street.” Santa sent families to Gimbals because he didn’t have a specific toy at Macy’s. Now that was integrity.

Not to sound like Debbie Downer, but my list gets longer by the mouthful.

Call Me Paranoid, but I Think Nobody Likes Me!

The religious people at my front door. They didn’t initially dislike me, only after they saw me peek through the window and scamper!

drug muggersThe phone solicitor who I hung up on.
My ex, whatever.

Believe it or not, some vitamin Makers don’t like me, because I have the chutzpah to dish about artificial ingredients and fillers they put in their cheap supplements. Someone has to tell the truth!

I think my waiter’s mad (despite my generous tip) because I was typing while I ate, and now that I’m done, I’m still occupying his table typing this. He keeps eyeing me. Don’t like me? Take a number!

I think I’m a nice lady, you can ask um, eh… my mom!
You can ask my kids or my husband Sam…

All kidding aside, I honestly do my best to serve others, my intentions are good, and I always pay it forward. I post and write articles for free, for years because I have compassion for you. I’ve been there, whether I talk about it or not. I’ve seen suffering up close. I’m no victim, but you know what… TONIGHT I plan to throw myself a pity party on Facebook

You’re invited of course, but this means you’ll have to “LIKE” me! 😂

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