Rib Wrap Samwich

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1 tortilla wrap, any flavor
2 pieces lettuce (Sam used Red Leaf, but any green will work, even spinach)
1/2 cup rib meat (warmed and cut off the bone) or alternatively, use tender flank steak
1/4 cup prepared cole slaw
4 slices (round) of dill pickle
Tomato, 4 thin slices
Optional: Barbecue sauce of your choice

Set the wrap down and put the lettuce on it first. Then place the rib meat on that; now spoon the coleslaw on top of the meat, and add your slices of pickles and tomatoes. Roll the wrap tightly on itself, you might need a toothpick to keep it together. Dip it in barbecue sauce if desired.

The image above has the wrap served with garlic stir-fry string beans.
We call it a “Rib Wrap Samwich” because one day we (my husband Sam and I) went out for lunch at a local barbecue place called Sugarfire Smokehouse and ordered ribs. He turned the leftover rib meat into a sandwich wrap! He is now legend in my kitchen, hence the name Rib Wrap Samwich!