Spearmint Eyebright Tea

4 cups water
1 Tablespoon Hibiscus, dried herb
1 Tablespoon Eyebright, dried herb (available at most health food stores)
2 Teaspoons Spearmint (or peppermint) dried herb
2 Teaspoons Orange Peel (or alternatively, Rose Hips) for Vitamin C

Put all the herbs in a pot and simmer on very low temperature for about 10 minutes. You can certainly add honey at this point if you’d like. The tea will turn a beautiful reddish-pink color from the Hibiscus flowers. Strain the herbs and store in a glass jar or pitcher. Double the recipe if you want enough for a few days. For vision, I recommend 1 to 2 cups per day.
I like the flavor of this better when it’s iced! You can even garnish it with fresh mint, or an orange slice.


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