Video- This is how I beat the flu in 22 hours

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1) I woke up 18 hours after having 103 degrees, with a NORMAL TEMPERATURE, and it has remained normal. The video you are about to watch was taped 4 hours later, at the 22 hour mark after the peak of my illness. It’s almost UNHEARD of to beat the flu in less than one day, but I did it.
2) I did not put any make up on. I wanted you to see my authentic self, and while I don’t look as ‘healthy’ as normal, this is pretty darn good considering I was a zombie the day before!

OK, NOW YOU CAN WATCH, if you want the spelling of things see below  🙂
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I thought it was really kind that Sam who wasn’t feeling that well himself, you all know he has a chronic ‘thing’ and anyway, he actually serenaded me to sleep (which I hardly remember). He crawled into bed next to my limp body and played his guitar and sang  “Have I told you lately that I love you.”
And what’s even better, HE LIKES ME!
Read about our “like affair” here, see if it resonates with the one you love. Comment below if you’d like.
Until my video man can add more footage to my video, I am typing out a list with the correct spelling of the things that I tried for The Flu.  I want you to know that this list is not intended as medical advice, nor is it intended to delay you from proper medical care.

I let the cough bother me for a full day sticking my head in the sand… remember, I don’t get sick 😉
I hadn’t been sick in probably 25 years… I just thought “This is gonna go away if I just don’t give it any attention.”
STUPID move. I should have started things on Day 1 looking back.
Anyway, the next day (Day 2) when I had fully exhausted myself by hacking for more than 24 hours (no other symptoms), the fever then started to climb and I had a sore throat from the coughing.
That’s when I flew into action, with Sam’s help. If you live alone, please call someone who can help you. The things I did would not be possible without someone to help you (I could hardly move for the entire day).
Day 3 is what you are watching, and it’s safe to say I was cured, or at least 90 percent there!
Last thing. I’ve included my affiliate hyperlinks to Amazon but you can absolutely shop anywhere with my blessings. Just get well soon. And remember, please please ask your own doc what’s right for you. I’m not allowed to make recommendations for you guys as much as I love (ahem… LIKE) you all!   If you don’t get that joke, read the like affair story.
Here goes:

I started with a about ONE teaspoonful of honey and added 1 drop essential oil of each to the spoon very carefully:

Curcumin (not shown on table, I only mention it).  I took 2 tablets that day.
Probiotics (not shown, I used various ones like VSL, Dr. Ohirra’s and Factor 4 by ProThera)
Vitamin “Ester” C 1000 mg by Script Essentials (my own brand, I took 2 of the 500mg caps)
Vitamin D 40,000 IU by Script Essentials

Afrin (but Otrivin was the product shown on my desk.  1 spray to each nostril one time)
Throat soothers: Soothing Throat Spray by Herb Pharm and various lozenges
Wild Cherry Bark Extract by Honey Gardens. I drank a swig every 2 hours (about a teaspoonful) This tastes pretty good.

Flunada Nose and Throat Spray – I sprayed my nose 1 time only (it stings a bit that’s why) but I sprayed throat every 3 hours with 2 squirts. This product is clinically proven to annihilate a lot of different pathogens mentioned in my video, especially some of the multiple strains of cold and flu.  Unlike other products, you can start this well into your illness, other products have to be started at the onset in order to work. Flunada is best taken at the onset as well, however, it’s okay to begin it anytime.  You can buy it at Walgreens, or online here.
(Dr. Steve Schwartz is the pandemic expert I mentioned in the video. He formulated Flunada, and he’s the one who gave me a recipe for a vodka gargle, lol)… here goes:

Dr. Steve’s Vodka gargle 🙂
1/2 tea salt
2 drops Essential oil of Lemon
1 tablespoon of honey
1 tablespoon of vodka (I used Vanilla)
3 ounces of water
Directions: Gargle (swish and spit)  for 20 seconds.  The gargling is what’s most important, most people don’t swish it around long enough 😉

Proboost Thymic Protein A
These are tiny granules that I dumped little by little under my tongue. I took one packet every 6 hours (so about 3 or 4 times the first day I don’t remember, it was a blur) and since the flu, I’ve taken one packet twice daily just to be sure I stayed well. I bought mine off Amazon, Proboost is kind of hard to find in health food stores.  People with immune system problems like this product.

Chicken soup  (no msg, it was homemade)

Brazilian Propolus PLUS I had this in the house too, I think it’s sold nationwide at healthfood stores, but you can also look on Amazon.
If you are allergic to BEE products, avoid Propolis.
Immune Defense by Herb Pharm I took a dropper ful every 4 hours around the clock (while awake).

Because I am a coffee drinker, and I was nauseated that day with the flu and my fever, I couldn’t drink coffee like normal. This sparked a headache, typical of what happens when you don’t get that caffeine fix. So my solution as shown in the video was to take a quarter of a tablet of caffeine (Vivarin was shown), and a 200mg Ibuprofen along with rubbing some pure magnesium oil on my forehead. I had a little 2 ounce bottle of this from who knows where… probably picked it up at a trade show. It’s sold on Amazon by various sellers in bigger containers. The brand I used was Ancient Minerals, but there are other leaders that make it.

My combination that night didn’t completely relieve my headache, I probably could have used a little more caffeine (for me) however, I did this late at night and I wanted to be able to still get to sleep.  So in the morning I woke up with a little headache which was going on during the video a little bit, but I drank Sam’s ‘Cup of Love’ and it got a lot better.
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