12 Critical Thyroid Myths and Facts

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Unexplained fatigue, hair that is falling out quickly, feeling cold and the concern that you’re losing your mind! These are pretty hallmark symptoms of thyroid illness which goes undiagnosed due to poor standards for testing. The tiredness, hair loss, thermal dysregulation and brain fog are very common but not exclusive to this condition. 

It’s true this a topic that may not interest a person until the doctor says you have a problem. So today I wanted to show you that it’s not necessary to wait until the diagnosis is upon you. It’s possible that you can notice the hallmark symptoms yourself, and get help before it becomes too serious. I wrote an extensive article that you can read later, it’s called Thyroid 101, Understandings Basics of Hypothyroidism and Autoimmune Thyroid Illness.

Thyroid Gland Infographic

Separating Thyroid Myths from Facts.

Myth: You need physician to find out if you have thyroid illness.
Fact: No, you can self-order blood tests today and ask for a Thyroid Profile. If you didn’t realize you could self order your own blood test nowadays, READ THIS ARTICLE I wrote which will help you find a lab. This is a very basic test that all labs offer today. You may do that test, along with other specialized blood test such as TPO antibodies.

You do need a physician for proper treatment and help. This is not something you can self treat. I have written a book to help people, and it is available HERE.

Another Myth: A natural approach using a diet can manage hypothyroidism, or hyperthyroidism.
Fact: No, this alone will not cure anyone. Hypothyroidism requires natural or conventional medication, or a little bit of both! The two common meds used for this include Natural Desiccated Thyroid (NDT) or levothyroxine.

You will need to a physician to get a prescription for medication, and to receive proper treatment.

5 Reasons You Don't Get Well

Myth: Issues with the ‘butterfly gland’ will not affect fertility.
Fact: False, issues with this gland make it harder to become pregnant, and increase the risk for miscarriage. Something of interest to you is with plastic bottles… I wrote an article that discusses the link between a chemical that leads to hypothyroidism, which then increases risk of infertility and miscarriage. It’s called, Perchlorates Can Cause Hypothyroidism.

Myth: You can’t eat cauliflower, broccoli or Brussels sprouts if you have thyroid disease because it can enhance goiter formation.
Fact: This is not entirely true. It’s the raw consumption that has a small potentially negative impact, but you’d have to eat a lot! If you cook your vegetables, you can eat them with no problem and they are very healthy.

 The problem is when people juice a lot of crucifers, or they take those green powdered superfood supplements that are loaded with goitrogens, then it is a problem. If you are trying to make sense of what I just said, CLICK HERE to read an article that I wrote about the goitrogenic effects of certain foods. It’s called The Case Against Kale.

Myth: Lumps or nodules found on an ultrasound scan mean a tumor.
Fact: No, most nodules are benign and only a small percentage (perhaps two to five percent) are dangerous. If further testing and scanning is required, or a biopsy, your endocrinologist can direct you. By the way, some nodules are associated with an autoimmune thyroid condition called Graves’ disease.

I wrote this article entitled, The Secret Nutrient that Helps Graves’ Disease.

Thyroid hormone

Myth: If you’ve been taking a medication and it has stopped working, that means you are getting worse.
Fact: False, if you are taking a medication and you no longer respond, it could simply mean that you need a different dosage, or you need some adrenal support.

The thyroid gland and the adrenal glands work together. Sometimes you can raise your T4 (thyroxine) medication dose and still not feel well. In this case it may possibly be a sign that you need natural herbal supplements to support adrenal health.

Once that is balanced, your medication will begin to work. If you have been stressed for a very long time, you may benefit more from a “desiccated” pill than levothyroxine which is T4. The T4 doesn’t convert very well to active hormone.

Resources That Will Help

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I hosted a worldwide Thyroid Summit and interviewed many doctors and experts on the condition. I have a flash drive AVAILABLE HERE with all of the impressive interviews. I also am the author of a best-selling book called Thyroid Healthy available at my SHOP and also on Amazon.