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36 Foods that Contain Aspirin 

Ingredients similar to aspirin were extracted from meadowsweet and willow bark centuries ago, bit in 1899, salicin was altered into a patentable drug called aspirin which is abbreviated as ASA for “acetylsalicylic acid.”  Notice the

How Probiotics Improve Bone Strength

 Did you hear the report a few weeks ago on Good Morning America or Fox News? The British Medical Journal (BMJ) announced the results of a major study making headline news. The headline news was “Dietary calcium

6 Lessons Learned from Old People

I used to work in nursing homes where mostly 'old people' live, or those who are very sick or terminal. I had a special practitioner license in addition to my regular one, and in Florida,

9 Cool Things to do with Cucumbers

adIn the winter in Colorado you can’t get me to buy cucumbers, but come summer, there’s always one or two in my fridge.  In addition to being a refreshing and delicious side dish on my

Coptis May Help MARCoNS, Hashi and Diabetes

Sometimes I come across the weirdest things that are amazingly helpful, like Coptis chinensis.  This herb is used frequently in Chinese medicine (Huang Lian), especially to treat diabetes.  One constituent was shown in 2016 in

8 Ways to Calm Down Quickly

8 WAYS TO CALM DOWN QUICKLY It’s natural to get stressed out, or even go into a state of mild shock if you hear bad news. It’s also possible that your hormones and neurotransmitters are

Natural Alternatives to Antibiotics

Some of you take several antibiotics each and every day while some of you avoid them like the plague.  The pros of a traditional antibiotic is that you can keep your infection from achieving full-blown

Help for Chronic Sinus Problems

As spring rolls around, allergies and hay fever cause problems, and so do lingering strains of colds and flu. Maybe you are one of the 40 million people in North America who are experiencing uncomfortable

How Aspirin Stops Nerve Pain

We take for granted the comfort we feel in our hands and feet, I know I do. But some of you have lost that comfort, and suffer all day long with strange nerve-related concerns. There

Ladies Get Your Va-va-va-voom Back

Ladies, we all know there are plenty of ways to say you’re not “in the mood”, however, if you find yourself using excuse after excuse, this could be a sign of bigger hormonal problems. It’s