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Vitamin D Testing Should Be More Thorough

Vitamin D is good for more than preventing Rickets. It helps offset the lack of sunshine during the winter, cold months when depression or melancholy sets in,  and immune cells get sluggish. When physicians talk about

Curry Beats Dementia, Diabetes and Cancer

As the snowy cold weather begins to roll into Colorado, I crave warmer, heartier meals like chili, stews and brisket. Juicing kale and celery when it’s 4 degrees outside doesn’t cut it. So at this

Medicine Messes Up Your Methylation

You’re methylating right now! This means you’re turning folate (vitamin B9) from your food, into something else called SAMe. It’s the process called “methylation” and SAMe is your body’s head honcho, the CEO if you

5 Popular Pills That Could Be Making You Sick

Drug Muggers At least half of the drugs approved in the United States commonly deplete specific nutrients, creating the need for nutritional supplementation. More drugs probably deplete nutrients; we just don't have the data to

I’m sharing private lab results

I found the most impressive blood test in my entire career! The results show where your antibodies (immune cells) go, and what organs they attack, almost as if you put a miniature camera in your

Is Your Daughter At Risk for Cervical Cancer?

Dear Pharmacist, My daughter has cervical dysplasia, and I’m wondering if the HPV vaccine will protect her from getting cancer. Will it? How can a young woman protect against this cancer? --J.D., Silver Springs, Florida

How Spices Work Like Medicine

I’m one of those cooks that combines whatever I find in the fridge or pantry without a plan. I’ll throw spices and foods together like a mad scientist, kind of how I did in Organic

I Got Into a Fight With a Doctor

Doctors are my friends, so I was dismayed to lose my cool with a physician recently. My husband Sam (who has Lyme disease from a tick bite years ago) developed symptoms that might get diagnosed

Natural Muscle Relaxers and Soothers

Dear Pharmacist, I went on a hike that was way too steep and long. My muscles don’t recover quite as fast as when I was younger.  What can I do or take?  –H.N., Boulder, Colorado

Suggested Tests for Better Health

Drinking from plastic water bottles, or taking “The Pill” can cause hypothyroidism by raising levels of estrogen hormone in your body.  The same can be said about menopause drugs which contain the same synthetic estrogen

What I Did Right

When I graduated from pharmacy school in 1989, I was eager to ease the world’s suffering. At that time, my profession was rated the #1 "trusted" profession in the country. How could anything I dispense

What’s in Your Morning Bowl of Cereal?

Everyone is worried about heavy metals in their dental amalgams and vaccines. But what if I told you that you could be getting some in your morning bowl of cereal? It’s possible according to Mike

Natural Cures for What Ails You

Mother Nature has provided us with a beautiful medicine cabinet. In it, we find foods, herbal extracts and vitamins or minerals that reduce pain and promote health. Consider any of the following items in my

Energy and Focus in your Tea

Dear Pharmacist, I didn’t like tea growing up but now it is a passion. I often want a caffeinated drink that isn’t coffee. I used to drink a lot of yerba mate tea, because it