What If No One Can See Your Pain?


From time to time, when yet another celebrity dies tragically from an overdose of painkillers, people ask me if I think prescription painkillers should be banned.  The answer is no, and today I'll tell you

How Aspirin Stops Nerve Pain


We take for granted the comfort we feel in our hands and feet, I know I do. But some of you have lost that comfort, and suffer all day long with strange nerve-related concerns. There

These Herbs Work Like Medicine


Dear Pharmacist, What are popular medications, and their natural counterparts? --A.T., Dallas, Texas Answer: This is a great question, and there’s a lot of different things that come to mind. For example, when I think

Herbal Relief for Nerve Pain


Dear Pharmacist, I have nerve pain that is chronic and related to my diabetes. I take medication for that, and want to add some supplements that might help. I promise to ask my doctor if