Cinnamon Affagato Coffee

Affagato is an Italian word that means “drowned” and used in the context of desert you will frequently see it as affagato cafe which translates to “drowned in coffee.” This simple recipe is great for summertime and is easy to make.

2 scoops of cinnamon ice cream (alternatively, you could use vanilla)
1 to 2 shots of espresso (alternatively, 1 cup of plain coffee, decaf is alright)
Optional: Cinnamon powder or shaved chocolate

Put your scoops of ice cream in the drinking glass and pour your coffee on top of that. Decorate with a cinnamon stick, or with shaved chocolate. If you love cinnamon, you can sprinkle some powdered cinnamon on top. Cinnamon is NOT created equal. If you’d like to learn about this spice and how to choose the healthiest version, CLICK HERE to read my article, How to Choose the Right Cinnamon for Your Health.

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